Top 7 Tips For The Marketing Copywriter

Want to be a great marketing copywriter? Here’s my top 7 tips:

1. List Every Benefit

Longer sales letters convert better than shorter ones – with one rule; don’t have any unnecessary and/or boring sentences, phrases or words.

Your first step in writing copy is to write down every single benefit that the product can offer the consumer. Then go over your list and edit it like this:

i) is something hot, exciting – leave it in
ii) is something boring but necessary – change it
iii) is something boring and unnecessary – delete it

2. Grab Their Attention

For online sales letters, headlines are the most important. If you are sending your sales letter via mail, you need to have your best ‘teaser copy’ on the envelope. Equivalent of this for email marketing is subject line.

3. What To Include In Your Sales Copy

To keep the attention of your market you need to know how your copy is read and which areas have the greatest impact.

First, follow the step above (3. Grab Their Attention).

Next important thing is the opening sentence; don’t let it be about you but about how your product or service is going to help your market. This sentence has to be as exciting as the headline.

Next in importance is the body copy. Have bullet points that describe the benefits of your product. Do it in the perspective of your prospect, e.g. how ‘they’ are going to have more time, money, relief, etc.

Next in importance is testimonials. Include name, city, state, country and photo if possible.

Then you want to have your guarantee. This should be as long as possible and without any conditions. Use the phrase “prompt and courteous refund” for the best response.

Next, you want to have a call to action telling them exactly what you want them to do. E.g. take out your pen and write a check for $49.95 and send it to….”.

Next is the postscript (P.S.). This is critical; second in importance after the headline. A reader looks at the headline first, then the P.S. and then the signature.

The signature. Don’t let it be weak and wigly. Write it boldly. This communicates the feeling that you’re proud of the letter. Print it in blue.

Web Copywriting4. It’s All About Attitude

What’s the difference between killer copy and average copy? Vitality. You need to start the day meditating on what you are grateful for. Have an attitude of gratitude. Use affirmations to build the emotional state you desire.

5. Focus On What People Want

Write your sales copy with the focus on what people really want, e.g. freedom. Understanding people’s buying emotions is important because you can sell no matter what the delivery system; email, tv, newspaper, internet.

6. Limit Your Marketing

Don’t try to write copy for a market you don’t understand unless you’re willing to do a lot of research.

7. Order Forms

Don’t give order forms the title “Order Form”. This is a big mistake. Such a title has negative connotations. Make it beautiful and exciting with a headline like “Free Examination Certificate”, etc. Sometimes people look at the order form before reading all the sales copy. Make the order forms colorful and emotional. Repeat the guarantee, signature, etc. Create the order form before the teaser copy. The order form needs to play a part in attracting the prospect.

There is so much bad copy out there you only need to be good to get a lot of attention. If you want to go the extra mile and do great copy then spend hours going over successful sales copy.

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