Relationship Selling – Do’s and Don’ts

A successful internet marketer doesn’t focuses their efforts on selling but rather on relationship selling.

The internet allows us to “seductively sell” to our prospects – just like a real long-term profitable relationship – rather than the traditional sales method of trying to get the sale straight away. Online marketing is the best way to sell “face to face” with the most amount of people.

The key to a good online marketing campaign is “context”. Internet users have a different mindset depending on why they are surfing the net. For example:

  • a search engine user is usually in a problem/solution or buying mindset.
  • a blog reader is usually in a news-getting or entertainment frame of mind.
  • email readers are usually in a ‘lets be productive’ or ‘what’s up with so and so’ frame of mind.

The most profitable mindset is the email reader. Email makes you money faster.

The main reason people use email (besides work) is to communicate with friends. The priority for opening emails are:

  1. first funny stuff like pictures
  2. replies from friends
  3. work stuff
  4. your stuff – offers

Why do people sign up for your email? Content.

How do you keep them reading? Character.

We respond to entertainment more than facts. As the saying goes, ‘facts tell stories sell’. This is very true.

For example, name 3 things you learned in college within 5 seconds. Now, name 3 characters from Seinfeld. Which one is easier to do?

How do we turn this into money? When you first get someone on your list, you give them 75% content and 25% character but as time progresses you need to ease off on the content and play up more the character.

Day 1: 75% content, 25% character.
(time lapse)
Day 7: 25% content, 75% character.

While you should have fun with this, always remember to be genuine and don’t go over the top.

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