8 Secrets of Successful Businessmen

Want to be successful in business and life? Here’s the top eight secrets of successful businessmen:

1. Passion

Find a business that your passionate about and pursue that. You’ll make more money and have more fun. Life is too short.

2. Live Within Your Means

Get out and stay out of debt. Spend less than what you earn. Warren Buffett lives in a house that he bought 38 years ago!

3. Invest in Yourself

Invest a percentage of your earnings in yourself. Buy books, mp3s, dvds that’ll teach you skills in business, investing, health, relationships, motivation, etc. Learn from those who have already achieved what you have set goals for. Never assume you know it all.

4. Passive Income

Poor people exchange time for money and never seem to get anywhere. Rich people develop passive income systems that make them money while they’re sleeping. The best form of passive income is royalties. A good example of royalties is books.

5. Pay Yourself

Don’t spend all your money. Keep at least 10% and make it work for you. You can put it away in a savings account or other type of safe investment like real estate.

6. Put Health First

Health doesn’t just refer to physical health. You need to be healthy spiritually, emotional and mentally too. You need to have a balance between relationships, career and money.

7. Sell Yourself

Learn to sell in your business and personal life. You are unique, beautiful and have unlimited potential.

8. Set Goals

Know where you want to be in 5 years from now. Then break down that goal into what you will need to do each year, month, week and day to achieve that goal.

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