The 5 Emotions That Kill Your Dreams

Recently I listened to a great audio by Tony Robbins. Here’s a summary of the main points that I got from it:

5 Emotions That Keep You From Making Your Goals and Dreams a Reality

1. Learn how to manage frustration.

– one of the greatest killers of dreams on this planet.
– turns a positive attitude into a negative one. A negative attitude wipes out self-discipline.
– the more successful you become, the more challenges there are.
– on the other side of frustration is success.

2. Learn how to manage rejection.

– for most this is the 2nd biggest killer of dreams.
– happens to everyone yet we tend to avoid it!
– Fedex founder was told in college by his professor that his idea was ‘stupid’. “Who is going to pay money when they can use the mail?”. Wasn’t a success overnight. Had to adjust strategies until it was successful. Had his planes repossessed a couple of times by the bank but he persisted with his dream.
– Sylvester Stallone was turned down by over 1,000 agents!!! “You look stupid, you sound stupid!”
– The more rejection you get, the more success you get; it’s a numbers game!
– Learn to thrive on rejection!
– You need to understand the law of averages.
– Tina Turner is not a success because she is the greatest vocalist because she has passion, she can bond with her audience, communication. She handled massive rejections. After super stardom she had to do night clubs for 8 years and rejected by many agents before one agent believed in her and she came back again with “Private Dancer” and sold 8 million copies.

3. Learn how to handle financial pressure.

– Need to learn how to handle small amounts of money so that you can handle large amounts.
– Need to master finances. Live within your means.
– You have to focus on what you can give rather on what you can get and you’ll be rich.
The Richest Man in Babylon is a great wealth-building resource. Here’s some main points from this book:
i. Give away 10% (e.g. tithing). You can start now. It’s the same giving $1 if you have $10 as to give $100,000 if you have $1 million!
ii. Take 10% and use it to reduce your debts.
iii. Take 10% and use it to invest or save it to invest if you don’t have enough yet.
– Who you become as a person is what will make you have now and in the future. It’s not what you get/accumulate.

4. Watch who you associate with.

– Learn to judge yourself by your goals rather than by your peers.
– pay close attention who you associate with. People around you impact your values.

5. Always give much more than you expect to receive.

– this is the formula for wealth and happiness.
– the secret to living is giving.
– look for something that you are happy to give everything to.
– if you focus on selling you’ll do okay but if you focus on giving people want they want and need, focus on their emotions you’ll become wealthy.

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