7 Secrets To a 7 Figure Income

Don’t read this post unless you have a burning desire to:

  • provide better for your family
  • get out of debt
  • enjoy a financially stress-free lifestyle

Here’s 7 strategies that are guaranteed to have you earning a 7 figure income:

1. Dream Big

As children we dream big and don’t believe in limitations. As we grow older we are told that “you can’t do that!” and we believe it. We settle for mediocrity.

To earn 7 figures, you need to have a burning desire. Dreams are the fuel that fire desire. Your dreams need to be so big that it scares you.

2. Become An Expert

Be in the top 1% of the field that you want to earn money in. This is not hard. If you read just 5 books in any topic and you’ll be in the top 1%! Don’t stop there though. Learn all that you can.

3. Create a Game Plan

One word says it all; goals. With your goals you must:

a. Have a specific goal
b. Have a specific time frame
c. Write it down
d. Determine your why. This is important. It’s not about the money. Why do you want to achieve 7 figures? More time and freedom to do things with your family?
e. Develop action plan. success = skills x action
f. Look at your goal every day

4. Take Massive Action

No matter how great your ideas are, or how big your goals, if you don’t take action then it is all in vain.

5. Leadership

Everything rises and falls on leadership. You can be a leader. As a leader you must:

a. Have dreams larger than those that they lead
b. Have a positive attitude
c. Display integrity and loyalty
d. Make a commitment to personal growth
e. Be persistent and determined

6. Build Your Vision

This is not your goals. This is how you see yourself. Goals are useless if you see yourself as broke and worthless. You need to have a postive vision of who you are.

Your vision is defined by the following 3 things:

a. What others say about you. While this can’t be controlled, you can chose who you associate with.
b. The results you’ve experienced in life. Don’t dwell on past misfortunes. Remember and celebrate your wins.
c. What you say and what you think about yourself (this is the most powerful).

Positive affirmations, no matter how ridiculous it may sound when you’re saying it, enters into your subconcious mind and your subconcious mind controls your success.

You need to become the person before you get what you want. Many believe once they have a particular thing that they’ll be happy. This is wrong. You must be and then you’ll have.

7. 100% Responsibility

There’s no one to blame or to give credit to for your situation. It’s all your doing.

Remove words from your vocabulary like “maybe” and “try”. As Yoda (Stars Wars) said, “Do or do not. There is no try”.

This post is adapted from a talk given by Matt Morris, founder of Success University.

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  1. Imagine if everyone took this advice to heart and acted on it. So many people out there have ideas, they just don’t ‘take massive action.’

  2. In fact, this is the way and it is possible to become after having a dream; however, confidency upon the dream is most iportant.

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