Should You Enrol in KDP Select?

Enrol in KDP Select?For those of you that have published ebooks on Amazon’s KDP platform, you might have wondered whether or not to enrol your book in the KDP Select program?

And there’s good reason why you want to consider this option. By enroling your ebook into KDP Select, you’re effectively locked in to only allowing Amazon to sell your ebook. They have exclusive resell rights.

Now, unless your ebook is already selling well on other networks, I highly recommend that you DO enrol in KDP Select. Here’s why…

Recently, I published a new ebook on KDP; ‘No Money Down Internet Business‘. The content is awesome and I hoped it would kick off with some strong sales. After about a week, I checked the stats and I hadn’t sold anything!

Disappointing 🙁

But hey, with so many books in the Kindle store, what was I to expect?

As I thought to myself what I could do to promote the book, I thought why not try the free promotional days that KDP Select offers? I did and within that 24-hour period my book was downloaded 1176 times!

And here’s what happened next…

After the free promotional period had ended, I must have still been getting a lot of traffic to my ebook because I made over 30 sales 🙂

But the best part is that I’m now making about 2 sales a day since the promotion.

This got me thinking… if I had 10 good books published on KDP and rotated these free promotional days (you get 5 free promotional days every 3 months), then I’d be earning $3,000+ per month on autopilot!

That is what I would recommend, i.e. that you spread out your 5 free promotional days over the 3 month period and only did one at a time, to get the most exposure once the free 24-hour promotional period had ended.

I tried this same method on a couple of my other books but they didn’t do anywhere near as well. I think it might be because they were lower ticket items ($2.99) and as such weren’t as highly sought after.

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