How to Set up an Email Marketing Campaign – Part 7: Affiliate Offers

Unless you have your own offers to promote to your list, you will need to promote another person’s offer as an affiliate.

Affiliate offers can be very lucrative. In fact, some email marketers solely promote affiliate offers. Digital products are my preference. As an affiliate, you will earn anything from 50% to even 100% commission on any sale that you make.

There are several affiliate networks that you can join for free and promote any product that you like as an affiliate. The top affiliate networks for digital products are:


The top networks for physical products are:

Commission Junction

When deciding on which affiliate offers to promote, you’ll want to find products that satisfy these requirements:

Quality Offer

It should go without saying, but you want to make sure that you only ever promote quality products to your list. The relationship you have with your list is your most important asset. Don’t throw it away for a quick sale.

There’s a few ways to find out if a product you’re considering promoting is of a good quality. One way is to buy the product and check it out for yourself. Some vendors will even allow you a free or sample copy if you ask them.

Another option is to do a search on Google for reviews of the product. If you’re in the Internet Marketing niche, you can find a lot of honest reviews on the Warrior Forum.


If you’re promoting a digital product, then I only recommend that you promote products that offer you at least 50%, and possibly 40% if it is a high-ticket item (‘high-ticket’ means that if the product is worth $300 or more).

You also want to try to find products that you get recurring commissions from. It’s one thing to make a sale, but why not make a sale that pays you month after month!

An example of recurring billing products are paid membership sites and some software services.

Good Conversion Rate

No matter how good a product is, if the sales page doesn’t convert, then it’s no good.

If you’re not sure if the sales page for a product is good enough to convert the traffic you send to it into sales, then there’s an easy way to find out. Within every affiliate network is statistics on how each product performs.

For example, in Clickbank, each product has a value called a ‘gravity’ assigned to it. If a product has a gravity of 90 it means that right now that there are 90 affiliate making sales with that product.

In other words, the higher the gravity, the better the product’s sales page converts. It’s the only reason that a lot of affiliates would be promoting the offer.

In the next section we’ll talk about your ‘thank you’ and ‘download’ pages, why you need to add your best affiliate offer to them and how.

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