How to Set up an Email Marketing Campaign – Part 8: Thank You and Download Pages

For the same reasons that you want to have a one-time offer, you will want to have offers on your Thank You and Download pages, i.e. your new subscriber is looking for a solution right now, and they are the hottest they will ever be.

Thank You Page

The Thank You page is the one that they see after going through the one time offers. As the name suggests, the Thank You page is simply an opportunity to say “thank you” to your new subscriber for opting in to your list.

You will also want to use your Thank You page to take explain to your new subscriber that the download link for the free report they’ve opted in for will be sent to them via email, and that they need to check their inbox.

After you’ve done this, you will want to have one other thing on your Thank You page; a banner or two to your highest converting affiliate offers, or your own products if you have them.

Download Pages

Your list building site will have a few download pages; one with the download link to your free offer, and another with the download link to the one-time offers.

You will configure your autoresponder follow-up sequence so that the first email that you send out will be with a link to the download page that has the download link for the free gift. This email should be configured to go out immediately after someone opts in to your squeeze page.

With Aweber, you can also set up ‘email parsing’ for PayPal. What this means is that you can use this feature to create a separate list of all those that purchase your one-time offer via PayPal.

By setting up this separate ‘buyers list’ you can also configure a follow-up message to go out immediately to these buyers, with the link to the page that they can download their purchased products.

On the download page for the free gift, don’t put download link for the free gift right at the top of the page. Put it near the bottom of the page. Above the free gift download link you will want to put banners for your highest-converting affiliate offers or your own products.

At the top of the page have a message that lets them know that their free report is at the bottom of the page and encourage them to check out the other offers first.

On the download page for the paid products, express thanks for their purchase and give them the download links for their paid products. Don’t put the download links near the bottom of the page (as in the setup for the free gift download page).

Your subscribers that are buyers are most likely to buy from you again. With that in mind, be careful how you treat them.

After the links to their purchases, place a banner or link for your highest-converting affiliate offer or two. Because buyers will most likely by from you again, pick these offers wisely and track how well they are converting.

If they don’t convert well, or stop converting well after a time, replace the offer with a different one until you start seeing good conversions.

Above the banners, you will want to have a message that says something like:

“Highly Recommended Offers”

or, if applicable:

“Check out This Product Which I’ve Used to Make Thousands Online…”

In the next section, we’ll go over the autoresponder follow-up email sequence.

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