How to Promote Your New Facebook Page

Using Facebook Pages to Promote OnlineIf you’ve just created a new Facebook page, you’ll want to try to get as many people to visit it. Here’s some strategies for promoting your new Facebook page:

Like Your Page!

Right after you’ve finished setting up a new Facebook page, you’ll be prompted to do a few things. The first thing Facebook will prompt you to do is to ‘Like’ your page (see image below). Of course you will want to do this!

If you don’t want to Like your own page, who else would? 🙂

Remember, the purpose of your page is to get as much traffic to it, so that visitors will click on your affiliate links, etc and check out the products you’re promoting. The more people that ‘Like’ your page, the more traffic you will get.

Like Your Facebook Page

Invite Your Email Contacts

Next, you will prompted to invite email contacts to your page. I don’t recommend that you do this until you have some content on your page first. Once you’ve added content (more on that below), then definitely take advantage of this feature.

Invite Email Contacts to your Facebook page

Facebook Page Status

Just below your Facebook page’s description is a section where you can add new content. On Facebook pages it is called a ‘Status’.

You can add anything you want as your status. It can be a short story, a quote, a picture, a link to a website, etc, or a combination of those (see image below).

Facebook Page Status

If you do enter a website url, Facebook automatically goes to the site where your url leads to and pulls pictures from the page to display in your status. You can scroll through the images until you find the one you’re happiest with. You don’t have to display an image with your status, but I recommend that you do. It will make your status post stand out so much more.

Once you’re ready, click on ‘Post’ to make your status live for all to see.

You can add as many statuses as you want, whenever you like. However, as you add new posts, the previous ones get pushed down the page, to make way for the new ones.

If you want a particular status to stay at the top of the page, it can be done. To do this, go to that particular status and select the ‘Pin to Top’ option (see image below).

Facebook Status Pin to Top

If you’ve done this successfully, you will see an orange ribbon on the top right-hand corner of your status post.

Facebook Pin to Top orange ribbon

Invite Facebook Friends

Once you’ve added some content to your Facebook page, you’re ready to start inviting friends to our new page. There will be a section on your page where you can easily invite your friends to ‘Like’ your page (see image below). Remember, the more Likes you get, the more exposure your page gets and the more sales you will make.

Invite Friends to Facebook page

What’s Next?

Now that your Facebook Page is up and running, your content and links are in the right places and you’ve invited your friends, you’ll want to give people a reason to visit your page and share it with others.

You can do this by adding great content to your page on a regular basis. Content that is relevant to the product you’re promoting.

The more interesting, or ‘buzz worthy’ you can make your content, the more visitors you will get to your page and the more sales you will make.

By adding content, I don’t necessarily mean you will have to come up with advice, tips and articles all by yourself. You can do that if you know a lot about the topic and are passionate about it, but you can also post interesting articles, pictures, videos, links to websites, etc that you find anywhere online.

At every opportunity you get, encourage your fans (fans are people that have Liked your page) to engage with you on the page. Encourage them to make comments and share what you’ve posted with others that they know and can benefit from it.

The more you can engage with your fans, the more successful you will be!

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2 thoughts on “How to Promote Your New Facebook Page”

  1. Hi John,
    Great post! I have found it quite effective to use Facebook with Twitter, where once I have a new follower I introduce myself to them personally with a private message and ask if they are on FB and include the link to my FB page. Most of the time they like the page.
    One more thing I discovered by accident is that if I put a funny (but relevant) picture on a blog post and then put that post on my FB page I usually get much more likes of the post, meaning more people will see my post 🙂

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