JLDC 0112: John Pollock – Financial Gravity

Not all financial advisors are financial advisors. At least not like the ones from Financial Gravity!

In this interview we get inside the head of John Pollock, Founder and CEO of Financial Gravity. We talk about why most accountants and financial advisors don’t give you the best advice and how you can find one that does.

Topics discussed during this podcast include;

  • Don’t give CPA’s implicit trust
  • Tax codes are written to help small business owners
  • How to find a great CPA that will help you lower your taxes
  • And much more!

You can play this session of the podcast here:

John Pollock - Financial Gravity

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Websites referenced during the podcast:

FinancialGravity.com (free ebook ’10 Small Business Tax Myths’)
Txt ‘tax book’ to 33444 for a physical copy of the book to be sent to you (U.S. only)
Lower Tax, Higher Profit free video series (note: this video series is no longer available)

Here’s a timeline of the topics discussed during the podcast:

0:00 – John Pollock intro and bio
1:45 – John Pollock’s influences, formative years, studies and career beginnings
5:15 – How tax codes are written for small business owners
9:00 – What John discovered that CPA’s didn’t know
14:45 – How does a business owner go about finding an accountant or tax planner that will help them lower their income taxes and run their businesses better?
23:00 – FinancialGravity.com – great info on John’s site where you can find out what you need to be asking your CPA
27:30 – Can you lower your taxes legally and ethically?

Here’s what I got out of this interview with Financial Gravity’s John Pollock…

1. Not all CPA’s are CPA’s

Sadly, many CPA’s are very proactive. They will play on the safe side and give you ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers, but won’t help you find solutions to help you save money.

2. Business Tax Codes

Business tax codes are there to encourage and foster small business owners. Knowing this helps you to get the most of the deductions that are available to you.

3. Don’t Take ‘No’ For An Answer

If a CPA or financial planner says it can’t be done, get a second or third opinion. There is always a way.

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