JLDC 0113: Veryfier Founders – Laurent Piani and Frank Brenes

Veryfier is a new app in the gig servicing/income sphere that is about to launch in February 2016.

In this interview, we get to speak with two of its founders; Laurent Piani and Frank Brenes. They take us through how Veryfier came into existence, how they plan to promote it, and what you need in the backend to run a large scale service app.

Topics discussed during this podcast include;

  • Insider strategies to releasing an app successfully in iTunes
  • Backend services required to run a large-scale service app
  • And much more!

You can play this session of the podcast here:

Veryfier - Laurent Piani and Frank Brenes

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Websites referenced during the podcast:

Veryfier.com (January 2019 update: site no longer online)

Here’s a timeline of the topics discussed during the podcast:

0:00 – Laurent Piani and Frank Brenes short intro and bio
2:15 – How Laurent and Frank got together and why they started Veryfier
7:35 – Frank’s strategy for launching apps
13:15 – How many people do you expect will use Veryfier?
17:15 – What are the Veryfier verifications fees?
21:15 – What backend systems do you have in place for potentially millions of users?
23:45 – Which countries will Veryfier be servicing?
26:00 – Final thoughts

About Veryfier

Veryifer is an Android and iOS app that puts you in touch with ‘Veryfiers’ to inspect the goods you want to buy
prior to making a purchase online.

There’s two ways you can benefit from Veryifer:

1. Become a Veryifer and earn money. Just like Uber for drivers, becoming a Veryfier is an easy and effective way of earning income for yourself and being your own boss.

2. Ask Veryfiers to verify a purchase you’re about to make. If you can’t inspect an item yourself, and what to make sure you’re getting a good deal, pay a Veryfier to check it out for you and give you an independent review.

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