Facebook Marketing Gone Wrong!

It’s dusk on a late Saturday afternoon and I’m driving in my car to a meeting. Stopping at the traffic lights and looking around, a sign catches my eye:

Facebook Marketing Gone Wrong

Looking at this sign I think to myself that it’s great that traditional brick and mortar businesses are innovating. This business has realizes that it needs to use more than just its physical presence and the Yellow Pages to get more business. It needs to have an online presence.

I’ve seen a few of these kinds of signs around lately. Many of them just say “Like Us On Facebook”. That’s just not good enough. Why would anyone want to go to the trouble of finding your page on Facebook and liking it?

You need to give them a reason to do it. Some kind of incentive.

At least with this sign there is a reason to ‘like’ them on Facebook. If you do, you will get to see the latest specials. I like that. It’s clever marketing.

But there’s one MAJOR problem with this sign. Can you see (or not see) what it is?

Unless you get really close to the sign, you can’t see the business name! And considering it is targeting the traffic on this busy road (again, great marketing opportunity) this strategy is being severely sabotaged.

What this sign needs is to make it very clear what the business name is and then they would be doing a lot better.

What lessons can we take away from this? There are a few:

1. Whenever you are marketing or advertising your business, make sure you know exactly where your advertising is going. If you’re doing a print ad, for example, tailor your ad for the newspaper or magazine you are going to print it in. Don’t have a generic ad that you just place everywhere.

If your ad is going in a women’s magazine, target it towards women. If in a senior’s newspaper, target it towards the wants and needs of seniors.

When this Facebook sign was being created, thought should have been put into where it would stand. Consideration should have been given to the distance many motorists would be from the sign.

2. What are your main benefits? People are being bombarded with so many different marketing messages every single day, why should anyone take notice of what you have to offer? You need to give people a good reason to take notice of what you are offering.

Remember, don’t talk features. Talk benefits. Speak to people’s emotions, this is what makes people buy. We buy with emotions and then use features to justify our purchases.

A good example of this is a woman that purchases a stunning $300 dress that has been reduced from $500. The reason she buys is because of the feeling she will have when wearing this dress. It will make her look and feel beautiful and attractive. Now, when this woman goes home to her husband, what does she say to justify spending that $300 on the dress? Does she say, “Honey, I just bought this $300 dress because it makes me feel beautiful and attractive!”? No, she will say that she bought it because it was such a great special!

The Facebook sign above gives a reason to entice you to ‘like’ them, “Like us on Facebook to see the latest specials”. Something better (that emphasized benefits) would be: “Mouth Watering Sandwiches. Like us on Facebook to Get Our Latest Specials!”

3. What are you trying to achieve? Always know what actions you want your advertisement or marketing message to make people take. If you want people to pick up the phone and call you, make sure you write in big, bold letters, “Call Now! 1300 555 555”. If you want them to go to your website, put it there in bold characters, “Go now to www.johnlagoudakis.com”.

This Facebook sign does a good job in telling you what it wants you to do. It would be better if it also had their Facebook page URL but this would be hard to see for a road sign anyway.

What are your thoughts on this sign and other Facebook advertising you’ve seen around? Leave a comment below!


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