Getting Free, Targeted Traffic with Youtube

The way that I get most of my free, targeted traffic is by far Youtube, and here’s what I love about it…

Youtube is the 3rd most visited site in the world. More than 30 million unique visitors visit this site every single day, watching over 200 million hours of video each and every day!

The beautiful thing is that all these videos are created by people just like you and I…

…and it’s free for us to use and we can upload as many videos as we want 🙂

Take a look at this…

I did a search on Youtube of the Most Viewed Videos of all time. It’s not surprising that most of the top 10 videos are popular music videos… but if you look below, you’ll see that the 7th most viewed video of all time is a simple, 56 second home video titled “Charlie bit my finger – again!”

Popular YouTube videos

This video was uploaded by a parent and went so viral that, at the time of writing this, it has had over half a billion views!

I was so impressed by the amount of views this home video had that I decided to try my own little experiment. I took my cute young son and made a short, 6 second video where he transforms himself from Ben 10 into Humungousaur. Check out the stats below…

Rioz on Youtube

Can you see that.. 7,445,157 views! Not bad 🙂

I want you to think about this… if the person that uploaded the “Charlie bit my finger – again!” video was paid only one-tenth of 1 cent for each ad that was displayed while watching this video (you can set up your Youtube account so that ads are displayed on your videos and get paid for it), then they would have earned over half a million dollars from this one video alone.

Can you see the potential here?

What’s even more appealing about Youtube is that the traffic you attract to you can be totally targeted. For example, if you wanted to attract visitors that were interested in losing weight, you would create videos about weight loss. It’s that simple.

Now, if Youtube gets so much traffic (it’s totally insane) and you use it as much as you want to for free… why wouldn’t you?

A while back I made the decision to use Youtube as my main source of free, targeted traffic. So I set a goal to create 100 videos within just 5 weeks.

I went to work and did accomplish my goal. All I had to do was create 20 short, how-to videos each week over 5 weeks. That meant that I need to do 4 short videos each weekday.

Was it hard to do? Not at all! Once you’ve created and uploaded your first couple of videos, it is very easy to do. In this chapter I’m going to show you how.

But before I do, let me tell you the result of creating all these videos. At first there wasn’t a lot of activity. I would get a few views each day on each of my videos. BUT, as time went by, my view counts began to grow exponentially.

You see, as your video is viewed and gets good feedback, Youtube promotes it more and you get more views, and it just continues to gain momentum.

At the time of writing this book, my Youtube channel has had over 700,000 views.

My Youtube view count

Of those 700,000 viewers, many thousands (I estimate over 100,000) have visited my website.

And the best part is, even if I never add another video to Youtube again, I will continue to get tens of thousands of visitors to my website because of them.

How to Promote Your Website on Youtube

Let’s say you want to promote a Clickbank offer on Youtube? How do you go about it?

It’s very easy 🙂

Youtube allows you to display a link in the ‘Description’ section, just below your video. Check out one of my videos on Youtube:

Youtube video description

Underneath the video you can see a link to my website. Many people that watch my videos click on this link and come to my site. You can do exactly the same with your Clickbank affiliate link!

What I do to increase the amount of clicks I get is to write the following after the link:

“CLICK HERE to learn more about…”


“CLICK HERE to discover how to…”

Here’s an example of one of my video descriptions below:

Youtube description with url

Doing this helps your link to stand out, and you take the guesswork away from your viewers because you’re telling them exactly what you would like them to do!

Once you’ve created your video, login to your Youtube account (Youtube accounts are free to create if you don’t already have one) and click on the ‘Upload’ button (see below):

Upload to Youtube

Next you will see the page below. Click on ‘Select files to upload’.

Select files to upload to Youtube

Next, browse to where your video file is, select it and click on ‘Open’ (see below). Your file will then be uploaded to Youtube.

Open Youtube video file


Youtube video upload details

While your video is uploading and processed by Youtube (see image above), you can begin entering the information about your video.

In this example, I’m promoting a popular Clickbank weight loss product; The Fat Loss Factor, I’ve created a ‘before and after’ weight loss video. You can see below what I’ve entered for the Title of the video, the Description and the Tags:

Youtube tags

The Title and the Description are seen by everyone. The tags are to help Youtube know what your video is about so they can bring it up in their search results when someone goes looking for your type of video.

The Title is very important. It should stand out and make people want to watch the video.

What we want to do with the Description is to get as many people to click on our affiliate link. That is why the link appears first in the Description and why we make it very clear what we want our Youtube viewers to do.

Here’s what our new video looks like once it is live on Youtube:

Live Youtube video

And that’s all there is to it!

You now have targeted visitors going to a sales page of a quality offer which you are earning 75% commission on every sale.

It should go without saying that you can use this strategy to drive traffic to ANY site; your blog, squeeze page, etc.

What I also like to do, to make sure I’m getting as much traffic as I can from the video views, is to have a 20 second still frame at the end of the video that has a call to action for the viewer to visit my site.

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