Youtube Marketing FAQ

The main questions and concerns I get about promoting an offer on Youtube are:

  • What type of videos should I create?
  • I can’t offer advice… I’m not an expert!
  • How do I create a video?

Let me address all of these questions.

What type of videos should you create?

First of all, you want to make sure that your video is related to your niche. If you want to attract people that are interested in weight loss, don’t make a video about your favourite chocolate bars! Or even worse, a video about something totally unrelated, e.g. cars.

If you’re in the weight loss niche, you’ll want to create videos topics about exercise, dieting, liposuction, etc. I think you get the idea!

You’ll want to keep your videos short. Don’t drag on and on. Get to the point and deliver on what you promise to give. This is especially true if your video is a ‘how-to’ or educational video.

Videos that have worked really well for me are ‘how-to’ and educational videos. It’s a great way to build a relationship of trust with people, by showing them how to do something.

If you want to make your video viral, i.e. get lots of views really, really fast, then you’ll want to base your topic on a really hot trend or news item. E.g. a new blockbuster movie, celebrity marriage, major sporting event, etc.

Funny videos are also extremely popular and viral. If it is in your nature to make people laugh then definitely use that to your advantage.

Controversial videos also do very well. If you have a view that will really ruffle some feathers, don’t be afraid to share it!

I can’t offer advice… I’m not an expert!

This is a really common concern, but a totally unnecessary one.

Everyone has something to offer. Most of us take for granted the things that we know. You need to realise that there are things that you know, especially if you’re passionate about a topic, that many people don’t know. You’ll really be surprised.

Don’t believe me? Do this; go to Youtube and do a search for videos in your niche. Now, notice how many videos there are that are teaching very basic concepts in that niche, and notice how many thousands, or millions of views those videos are getting.

That’s right. There’s lots of them, aren’t there? The beautiful thing is that soon your video will be amongst them 🙂

I’ll let you in on a little secret. No one is born an expert. Everyone starts from zero and works their way up. You know who the experts are? They are simply the ones that are willing to share what they know which those around them.

How do they become experts? They simply continue to teach as they learn, until they’ve learned more than what most people know. You can do exactly the same thing.

I’m considered an Internet marketing expert by thousands but just 6 years ago I knew nothing about the subject. Since that time I’ve learned step-by-step as I’ve built up my business. Along the way I taught strategies that were working for me. You can do the same.

How do I create a video?

There are three types of video you can create.

1. You can create a video of you talking in front of a camera

This is the least desired method as most people are camera shy. I remember the first videos in front of a camera that I made. I was so nervous and it showed. I cringe every time I think of those videos… I was so bad!

Looking back, though, I’m so grateful I did that and am more comfortable now in front of a camera. This is a great skill to have and allowing others to see you amplifies the relationship you can make with your visitors.

2. Screen capture videos

Screen capture videos is where you record what you see on your computer monitor. I love creating these videos for the Internet marketing niche because there is so much we do on our computers.

Examples of videos that I create are; WordPress how-to videos (how to install plugins, write posts, etc), Clickbank how-to videos, and product reviews.

There are several free software available that will allow you to record your screen. Two that I recommend are Camstudio and Screencast-o-Matic.

3. Slideshow presentations

Slideshow videos are easy to make and are a lot of fun. You can create a slideshow of images and/or text, and then record the slideshow presentation.

It’s a lot better to have audio to go along with your slideshow. This can either be you speaking about the slideshow, or you can just have background music.

You can also use Camstudio and Screencast-o-Matic to record your slideshow presentations.

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2 thoughts on “Youtube Marketing FAQ”

  1. Very useful pointers John! Yeah I also found it a bit daunting in the beginning recording videos for YouTube but for me I found changing my state of mind about it really helped and allowed me to relax in front of the camera. What I did was to tell myself, ‘Ok, this is not live I’m just going to record it for me, relax and have fun with it’. Once I had recorded it and watched it back I came across much more relaxed and natural than before 🙂 If I was happy with it I’d then upload it! I think it is really important for people to be able to see you and get to know you so picture in picture videos are also really great. One thing I think really doesn’t come across well is when you see a video and you can’t see the person and they have also used a digital voice, doesn’t instill much confidence.

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