What an Internet Marketing Business is All About

What an Internet Business is All AboutSitting there in the lounge room with family, all huddled around a new-born baby, I thought to myself, “This is such a special moment. This is what my Internet marketing business is all about.”

When we got the call this morning that our nephew had been born there was no doubt that whatever plans we had for the day were now changed. We weren’t expecting the birth for another two weeks.

The baby’s father, my brother-in-law, was 400 miles away and caught the first flight available home. We picked him up from the airport and went straight to his place. Soon after his wife and our newly-born baby nephew arrived.

I was just so grateful to be there.

I thought to myself how blessed I was to be able to be there. Years ago, when I was stuck working in an office five days a week, I had hoped that I could have more time with my family. This is now a reality for me.

I’m not an Internet marketer because I love Internet marketing (though I do love it!). I’m an Internet marketer because it is the perfect vehicle to give me what I want.


Because of my business I decide how I spend my time. I decide when I work and how hard I work. When I play and how hard I play. When I spend time with my family and when I need to spend time on myself. Time that I can use to serve and help others.

For this I give thanks to God every day.


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  1. Congratulations on being a Uncle John your nephew is beautiful and I am sure you’re a very proud uncle 🙂

    As you said in your post that is what internet marketing is about so that you can have those precious moments with your loved ones and people who really matter.

    I had a similar situation when my young niece was born in June I was able to meet her when she came into the world and spend time with the people who really matter in my life.

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