Tube Cash Code is SO Bad!

Tube Cash Code.

Seriously… if anyone actually buys this product they deserve to lose their money (shaking my head).

Come on. If you watch the sales video for this page, you can’t tell me that you believe that it is real. If you do, it’s because you’re greedy for easy money lol.

The acting is B grade. The plot is flawed. The income claims are downright outrageous! I’m seriously surprised that any affiliate network would allow it to be sold…

And that there isn’t an internet watchdog that hasn’t shut the site down.

Okay, lets look at how this story begins. We have Corey Gates prancing around in his flash home. Apparently he lives there with his family but surprisingly I don’t see any photos of him and his family in the home. There’s no one there at all. And it looks pretty bare. Like a place he just rented. Hmmm…

Tube Cash Code - Corey Gates

Corey goes into a rant about how he was making good money online until he just happened to stumble across a new system that now makes him ten times as much money as he was making before, and it heaps easier! What a lucky guy.

How did he come across this amazingly profitable system? He happened to overhear a couple of big-time gurus gloating about their new system, and when they were mysteriously called out of the room, he hopped onto their laptops, took a few pictures, joined a private skype group and the rest is history.

Wow! That’s a great story. But it gets even better.

Corey is going to GIVE you this system for FREE! Yep. All you have to do is watch through to the end of the video and you’ll get his $375,000 system for free and start making thousands of dollars in profits every day within minutes!

Tube Cash Code - Outrageous Earning Claims

Okay, lets pause it here. Even if I don’t share anything else at this point, the alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear. No one is going to give you an automated money-making system that they spent $375,000 developing for free. Especially one that earns thousands in profits every day.

Alright, lets continue…

Corey is packing his bags to take us to see someone on the other side of the country, whom he is going to surprise visit and help to get them out of a hopeless financial situation. As we step outside Corey’s magnificent home we are taken into his limosine, which drives him to his private jet.

Tube Cash Code - Limosine


Tube Cash Code - Private Jet

Now, if you’ve been around the Internet marketing space a while, this will all sound very familiar to you. In May of 2011, Adeel Chowdhry released ‘Go Click Cash’. It was the same thing; a guy that stumbles across a one-click, get-rich-super-fast system, makes a ton of money, shows off his fancy home, cars, private jet, and then offers to sell it to you for next to nothing.

I don’t know the exact reason why, but Go Click Cash was shut down very soon after it went live. I’m assuming because of the high refund rate. Possibly they were concerned about legal issues.

It seriously stuns me that something as fake, misleading and downright dishonest as Tube Cash Code is allowed to be promoted. They pull out all the stops; massive Clickbank earnings screenshots and all, including testimonials from people that have made tens of thousands of profits in days. Seriously, we all know that they were paid, most probably a Fiverr gig.

Tube Cash Code - Fake Testimonials

The Tube Cash Code footer has this disclaimer: “In some cases actors have been used.” Ummm I would guess that everyone in that video is an actor.

I mean, this scene is an obvious example that the whole production is a fake; Corey arrives to ‘surprise’ a lady that has written him an email about how desperate she is financially. When she opens the door she is amazed that he has come to visit her and gets all excited! She even runs to tell her children and asks them to come and meet Corey.

While all this is happening, there is a camera man INSIDE the house when Corey is knocking at the door.

Tube Cash Code - Surprise Visit

Say no more.

Let me conclude this rant by saying that ANY system that offers you unbelievable returns for little to no risk, is a fake. This rule applies to the Internet marketing space as well as everywhere else.

Don’t waste your time and money with Tube Cash Code. Grow a real Internet business by providing value to your market.

Have you seen the Tube Cash Code sales video or bought the product? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Leave a comment below!

23 thoughts on “Tube Cash Code is SO Bad!”

  1. Seen the video and picked up the same anomalies that you did, especially the camera inside the house he’d just knocked on the door of. For a ‘successful’ guy he’d been remarkably silent before this lot came out. Video went on too long without delivering any real content. (A real gripe of mine for a lot of sales videos – You wanna sell me something? Do it in 5 to 10 minutes. Tell me how it will benefit me, I’m not bothered about you – and don’t take 30 to 90 minutes to do it). Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I look forward to seeing more of your reviews.

  2. Sadly these kinds of fakes will be making money and at the same time it will end up hurting legit marketers when some one or some government agency finally steps in and make it difficult for all of us.

    I have not seen it or even heard of it till now. Thanks for the heads up.

    I am guessing it was on clickbank? If so, as you said, why are they allowing it? Just going to come back and bite them in the a@@. Sorry, I think they should be held accountable as well. Don’t they have to approve products before they can be sold? I’ve never sold on CB, so don’t know the affiliate side.

    1. Thanks Ron! Yeah, I totally agree… if these kind of promotions continue, it will hurt the whole industry. Because of a few bad apples, the rest of us will be restrained in what we can do. And yes, affiliate networks that allow these kinds of products should also be held accountable.

  3. Actually, here’s something else that really bugs me. Today I got a promo email (won’t say who), but the link goes to a sales page that looks exactly like the warrior forum. For most people, they would believe they landed on the forum.

    They created a template that mimics the WF to the letter.

    Am I the only one that thinks that is SO wrong? And actually this is a “top marketer” product.

    Sorry to rant. You got me started 🙂

    Also, forget to say, I appreciate your honest take on the Youtube product and posting it publicly.

    1. Oh yeah, mimicking a popular site like The Warrior Forum is a bad. I’ve seen the same with business opportunities that present themselves as a feature story on a ‘news’ site. Totally fake though.

  4. Great review. This has landed in my email and many like it. I just went to check it out and didn’t get thru the first 2 min. I don’t fall for that stuff any more. But I did believe it early on.
    I think it is up to us to warn newbies about the scammers.

    I am impressed that you wrote this review. I haven’t been comfortable writing bad reviews but there are many to write.
    Thanks for letting us know!
    I am hoping that because there are so many sincere IMers like you out there, that these scammers will fall away into a pit where they belong!.

  5. Hi, throughout Corey’s entire video he keeps telling you about this amazing zip drive that does all the work and makes you all the money. But that’s not the worst of it.

    Of course you must watch the entire (almost hour-long) video. But, that’s not the worst of it either.

    The worst part is…

    There’s no zip drive! I bought the system and there is no zip drive!

    Of course I returned it and got a refund.

    What a joke! Do NOT buy Corey’s system.


  6. Wonderful review John. There are so many fake stuff online by people with no mercy and no respect or conscience. And you are so right about the fake been so obvious. The internet business is about process, system, dedication and exposure, and it will take some time and work. Keep up the good work John.

  7. Hi John,

    Excellent review. You’re a funny guy, the actors hired via Fiverr, hilarious.
    But nevertheless there will still be innocent people around who will buy this BS.
    So its good that someone like you takes the initiative to warn people about these scams.
    Keep it up, cheers

    1. Oh yeah Hans, there are LOTS of innocent people that get scammed with this kind of promotion. And it’s only after they’ve wasted their money and a lot of time trying to get it to work, but eventually failing, that they come to realize it.

  8. The more we write reviews such as this one John the better off the industry will be.
    Like you I’m not at all fearful of exposing these undereducated so called marketers and enlightening those that are new to the industry. New marketers should save their money and spend it on online marketing education, something that will actually help them make a good living online.

  9. I bought into Corey’s spin and purchased his great deal for $19.00 as he stated this was the only investment. Until the next one and the next one. When I requested refunds, they offered $5,000 worth of websites. When I looked at this, they were websites with Host Zilla, and I discovered this was the Commission Consultant program which I had gotten ripped off with last year. It is a hugh scam and has no chance to ever make anybody any money. This is a Clicksure program so maybe they will pull it before too many more people get stuck. Good work, John.

    1. Thanks David. It’s interested to see how they work the sales funnel on the inside.

      I don’t know much about Clicksure but I do recognize a common pattern with most startups that enter a market as the underdog (i.e. Clicksure trying to get Clickbank’s market), and this is the pattern:

      Step 1. Market leader gets fed up with customer complaints so starts to impose restrictions on vendors.
      Step 2. New startup comes along and is flexible on what its vendors can do.
      Step 3. Dodgy vendors go to new startup who welcomes them because they bring lots of business and potentially more vendors.
      Step 4. When new startup has gained a comfortable (or majority) share of the market it proceeds to Step 1.

      Let me give you an example; Back in 2009, when Google banned thousands of Adwords accounts of people that were promoting Clickbank products, many of them switched over to Facebook Ads. Now that Facebook Ads have gained popularity, they are becoming more restrictive of what you can/can’t do.

  10. Tube Cash Code is an affiliate program product, it’s not a Click Bank Product it’s from Clicksure, I ended up purchasing it through an email sent to me,I have asked Clicksure for a Refund let you all know how I get on.

  11. John, you’re undoubtedly very, very busy, so I’m sure that I speak for many others of your subscribers as I thank you deeply for taking the time to watchdog for us and to shepherd us. For the most part, I’m now turned off by products which are mass marketed and which I figure everyone else might be buying. I now tend to look for rare niche products which will mean less competition for marketers. But on occasion, I am tempted to grab a product like Tube Cash Code with super hyped-up claims regarding potential revenue. A good name like your own tossing up flags and red lights can’t be overrated. Please keep up the good work of shepherding us.

  12. I would add that in the past, I have had resistance regarding my requests for refunds from Clicksure, so I now tend to shy away from Clicksure products. I believe that I always have some recourse for refund through PayPal and am much more comfortable with purchasing products through the latter. In my experience, PayPal has shown zero tolerance for fraudulent marketing.

  13. Guess it’s kind of funny to me. All the money they probably spent just to make that infomercial, could have been put into creating a quality product, that they could be proud of.

    And have money left over to hire a professional copywriter to sell it properly without resorting to sneaky tactics.

    Although, it would be very interesting to see their overall conversions, how many people fell for the hug hype. We all might be sadly surprised.

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