The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman

Today I finished listening to ‘The Personal MBA‘ by Josh Kaufman.

I wouldn’t consider myself a major business success but I found myself to agree 100% with the business principles that Josh outlines in this book.

The first half of the book talks about the fundamentals of a successful business, i.e. he defines a business to be an entity that provides goods or services that are in demand in exchange for compensation that is both profitable for the buyer and the seller.

The Personal MBA is all about refuting the myth that you have to have a highly-funded education to be a highly successful business person. In fact, a lot of what he teaches is just plain common sense.

He also goes on to say that a lot of what is taught in high-priced business courses is actually detrimental to your success. Many of them focus on complex financial algorithms that don’t provide value to consumers, which may allow things to look good on paper for a while, but in the end fail because they move away from the foundation of providing goods and services of value in exchange for a competitive price.

Josh also goes into detail about how to start and run a successful business. He discusses how you can evaluate the future success of your business proposal, without risking a ton of capital.

He also goes into important topics such as funding your business, product creation, hiring staff, streamlining processes, customer satisfaction, and much more.

Surprisingly, the second half of the book is focused a lot on personal development. Josh goes into detail about the importance of taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

A lot of what he had to say really resonated with me, as I also believe strongly in taking care of yourself in all these areas. The only points on which I differ with what Josh teaches is his belief in the evolution of man and his explanations of how some of our conditions have evolved from our ‘cave man’ ancestors.

Overall ‘The Personal MBA’ is an excellent resource for anyone that wants to either begin a successful business or that wants to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

The Personal MBA audio version

The Personal MBA Kindle version

The Personal MBA paperback edition

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