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There are so many ‘make money online’ opportunities out there it’s not funny. There’s literally a new product being launched every single day! Some products are good, but unfortunately, most are dodgy or just rehashed information.

It’s not surprising then that the biggest issue most newbies have is information overload. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about… you open up your inbox and there’s a ton of email promotions waiting for you! This information overload leads to the next question…

Why is it that most people fail online?

They spread themselves too thin doing too many things at the same time and never have success in any one program. They get frustrated after working so hard and seeing no results. And before they give their business enough of a chance to gain any real traction…

They quit.

To be successful online, you need to stick to one program until you have success with it.

I’m not suggesting that you take up the first program you come across and I’m not saying you should buy my stuff. Do your research into the different money making opportunities that are available. Once you have found one that you understand and are comfortable with, stick with that strategy until you achieve success with it.

Let me tell you a story about a man by the name of R. U. Darby. R. U. Darby who found a vein of gold in Colorado so he borrowed money to get the mining machinery and went to work.

Initially, things were going well. The returns from his digging showed that he might have the richest site in the state. But then suddenly the gold vein stopped.

Darby kept digging and digging but found nothing.

Eventually he decided to stop because he was running deeper and deeper into debt. Darby sold the site and equipment for a few hundred dollars and moved on.

The person he sold it to wasn’t convinced that there wasn’t any more gold so he hired a mining engineer to give his expert opinion. The mining engineer’s opinion was that the vein had suddenly stopped due to a fault line… and that Darby had stopped drilling only 3 FEET AWAY from where it would pick up again.

So the new owner kept digging… and struck gold!!!


When R. U. Darby discovered that he had been only 3 feet away from being a multi-millionaire he vowed that would never happen again. Darby’s tenacity and persistence later led him to becoming a millionaire in the insurance industry.

A few weeks ago I got an email from an Internet marketer by the name of Silviu. He was frustrated because after two years and two blogs… he still hadn’t made any money online!

He had worked on his first blog, in the weight loss niche, for a year and had written hundreds of articles and was getting about 25 to 50 visitors per day but wasn’t making any money.

So he DELETED it!

I explained to him that getting 25 – 50 visitors per day to your blog after one year was a great achievement and that if he had continued in the same way he would today have 3 times as many visitors. In a few years from now would have hundreds, even thousands of visitors every day and earning a ton of passive income every day.

As I said earlier; do your research into the different money making opportunities that are available… once you have found one that you understand and are comfortable with, stick with that strategy until you achieve success with it.

3 thoughts on “Stick to One Program”

  1. Hi John,

    Great post! I love that story about R.U.Darby, I think I first read it in Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ a few years ago. This is also a story that sticks in my mind, one because of the impact of the story and two because I watched a very similar thing happening with my father time and again as I was growing up. Watching his impatience has taught me patience..!

    Yes it is so easy to get distracted by other business opportunities that come along far too frequently in this industry! I use to also fall victim to this when I first started however, now I just stick to one course but stay open minded to other peoples insights also via blogs, podcasts and videos. There’s so much great material out there.

    However, I think my biggest asset is in the course I chose and having a mentor as this really helps you to stay focused and it is invaluable to be able to chat to someone with a great deal of experience who can tell you straight away if you are doing the right things. Your course rocks John! Thanks for all your help

  2. Honing in on specifics can be a benefit, but sticking to your guns on what you believe to be a winner will always bring you to the top of the business universe.

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