Starting Off 2013 In The Right Way

2013December 21st 2012 came and went and we’re all still here… awesome! Because the world didn’t end, as expected :), you might not have thought seriously about your goals for 2013.

Life is very interesting. You basically have two choices:

1. Live each day as it comes.

2. Plan the end from the beginning.

Many people choose the first option, not consciously, but simply because they don’t really think hard about what they want to achieve out of life. Yes, we would all love to have the body of a world-class athlete, be filthy rich, have happy relationships and live a fulfilled life but not many people achieve this or even one of those.


I believe there are three reasons for this:

1. They think it is too hard or impossible for them

2. They are too lazy to do anything about it

3. They are lacking the right plan

The truth is, you can achieve health, financial independence and happiness as much as anyone else that has! All you need is just the desire to do so, a belief that you can and the right tools.

The first step is to write down a description of what your perfect life would be like. Don’t leave anything back; the more detail you give the better. Write down how you would look, where you would live, what type of work you would be doing, the type of relationship you would have with your spouse and children, recreational activities, etc.

The second step is to write down specific things you’ll need to do in order to achieve your dream lifestyle. If, for example, you have written down that you are a person that is thin, fit and full of energy, then you might write down the following:

I will eat healthy, unprocessed foods and drink a lot of water.

I will run 5km 3 days a week.

If your in dream lifestyle you were financially independent and travelled regularly, then you might write down the following:

By December 31st 2013 I will be earning $1,000 per month in passive income from my Internet marketing business. By December 31st 2014 I will be earning $5,000 per month in passive income from my Internet marketing business and by December 31st 2015 I will be earning $20,000 per month in passive income from my Internet marketing business. In exchange for this income, I will help others [identify the service you will provide in exchange for this income].

Note: It’s great if you already have a specific business/financial plan in place but if you don’t that’s okay. This will come to you as you ponder on your goal daily.

If you have written down for your dream lifestyle that you will have a loving, supportive, happy marriage, then you might write down the following:

I will read one new relationship and/or self-development book every month.

If needed, break down your goals into weekly and daily tasks. I personally like to keep a daily ‘to-do’ checklist that I mark off every day.

Finally, be sure to reread your dream lifestyle statement every single day!

If you do what I’ve suggested above you will be amazed at how much your life will change! You only need to make small changes every day for it to have massive consequences. Don’t overstretch yourself but at the same time don’t settle for anything less than what your heart desires.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2013!

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