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How To Set Up a Business Blog?Here’s an email I received today:

“Hi John,

I am Leo, and  I recently found your website online.

I highly appreciate the information you’re providing to whomever.

I just completed watching your eleven videos on doing affiliate business online. I’m about to start applying what you taught to get me up and going.  

What I need to find out from you is how to set up my own business blog. One where I would have total control of it.

Because I understand some host providers try to control your blog, especially if it is given for free. Am I correct?

I will take your advice on the business tools you said that you are using yourself, so if I have any questions you would already know the system and would be able to help me out quickly. And by the way, it goes without saying, I appreciate your offer to help out.)

I will use GVO as my host.

The other question I have, do you need a domain for each affiliate product you want to promote?

I look forward to your answers to these questions.


Just in case you might want to know, I live in the Caribbean on the island of Anguilla, a dependent of the UK.

Thanks again, John.




There’s a lot of good questions in this email that I would like to address in this article.

First of all Leo, you are on the right track in wanting to set up a blog that you have full control over. There are sites, like, where you can set up a blog for free but this is not the way to go. Free blog sites have many restrictions and they can ban your account for whatever reason.

The first step in setting up your own blog is to register a domain name. I like to use Namecheap to register all my domains (note: this is independent of which web hosting company you’re with. You can point your domain nameservers from Namecheap to your web hosting at GVO or anywhere else).

Next, you’ll need your own web hosting account. You mentioned you will be using GVO as your host. I also have an account with them and they are great to work with. Their support is excellent and you can make money with them as an affiliate.

Once you have registered your domain and it is pointing to your web hosting you will then need to install WordPress on your domain.

From here on in, your main focus should be to be adding quality content consistently to your blog. As you do this, you will see more and more SEO traffic. As you get more and more traffic, you can then focus your efforts more on converting that traffic into sales.

Do you need a domain for each affiliate product you want to promote? No. You want to have only one domain per niche that you are in. Make this domain an authority site.

The days of creating mini SEO sites are gone.

The beautiful thing about an Internet business, Leo, is that you can do this no matter where in the world you are. All you need is your Internet connection 🙂

Hope this helps!


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