Rethinking The Sales Funnel

Here’s a try saying…

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

I don’t like to invent anything. Maybe it’s because I’m inherently lazy.

You know, I like to set something up once, and then just leave it and let it do it’s thing. Over and over again.

That’s the way it should be, yeah? Set up something once, make sure it works and then just leave it to do it’s thing and move on the next project.

If only life were that easy! Ughhh!

Things are always changing. Especially online. You always have to keep on top of things or else you go out of business. Fast.

So, when sales start to slow down, you need to know why, and act fast. That’s what has happened to my business recently.

Out of necessity, I’ve had to redo my whole sales funnel, to pick up business again.

Yes, it’s a real pain in the butt when things don’t just go along smoothly, but this whole exercise has given me invaluable experiences, and has supercharged my business.

In other words, it’s been a GOOD thing.

Haha, I wasn’t that optimistic when sales were taking a dive. But life is like that, you’ve got to roll with the punches.

There’s a reason everything happens, I believe. If you look at things the right way and do everything you can, you always come out on top. And better than ever.

Anyhow… here’s what I’ve learned about my sales funnel…

It sucked.

So, I’ve totally revamped it. Almost from the ground up.

Before it was just an opt in and then, “Hey, here’s my webinar. Check it out.”

I’m still doing that but I’ve added a whole lot more. A written sales version of the webinar offer – my flagship product, ‘John’s List Marketing System’.

I’ve also added a one-time only discount offers (yes, it really only does display once per visitor – you have to be sincere).

The affiliate payout has been increased from 50% to a whopping 100%. Why would I do that? Good question. The reason is…

I’m adding new offers to the backend. Stuff that clients have been asking for.

And that is a key point to an effective sales funnel. Giving your clients what they want.

But the biggest change to my sales funnel is happening right now. I’m redoing the autoresponder sequence.

Massive changes happening there.

No more, “Hey, this is awesome, click here to check it out.” Nope. That just doesn’t cut it.

Do those kind of emails and you get bored subscribers that don’t open your emails, and if they do, it’s to scroll down and unsubscribe.

My new autoresponder sequence is going to be just that. A sequence.

It’s going to be a long story. You have to keep your audience entertained and in suspense.

Give them great content, entertain them, keep them guessing, and, oh yeah, put in a link to a great product you recommend.

And it goes without saying that everything you do, you do to help your clients, i.e. your subscribers and those that buy from you.

One last thing before I end this soothing self-counselling session; diagram it.

If you want to have an effective sales funnel, you need to put it all down on paper. Create a diagram of exactly what happening and when.

Doing this one simple thing really changed everything for me.

Oh. You might be wondering, “John, have your sales changed?” I’m happy to say, yes, sales have picked up again, even though I have less traffic than I used to.

But don’t worry. Once this sales funnel has been completed I’ll be ramping up the traffic. And because the funnel is primed, the conversions should be hot.

Talk soon,


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