Payment Gateway Recommendations

We asked successful online business owners for their Payment Gateway recommendations. Here’s the top 6 responses:

*** Braintree – “Works With Chargify And Offers Zero Commissions On First £30k” ***

Payment Gateway Recommendations“Hi, my name is Neil Harris and I’m the owner of, a global consumer services marketplace which launched in 2012.

“We use Braintree because it works with Chargify subscriptions and offers zero commission on the first £30k of sales – good for startups. Also with Braintree you can import and export customers’ card data securely so you can move to a different provider and take your customers with you if the need arises.”

Neil Harris –

*** “Shopify Streamlines Everything” ***


“I use Shopify for my payment gateway. I’d rather use because it has lower rates. But Shopify streamlines everything to make it easier.”

Jeff Neal – The Critter Depot

*** Stripe – “Ideal For Peer To Peer Marketplaces” ***


“We use Stripe for our payment gateway. Having used PayPal before, Stripe is ideal for peer to peer marketplaces and is very easy to implement on the development side.

“Also, it is very user friendly for your customers to use and also very very secure.”

Gene Caballero – GreenPal

*** “PayJunction Works Better For My 100% Key Typed Credit Card Transactions” ***

“Hey John, I have a luxury stationery business and my swipes average around $2,500. I was using SQUARE for years and watching the transactional costs add up and up year after year. I reached out to Parker West at Card Payment Options and after a few questions he pointed me to the perfect Payment Gateway for my unique needs.

“I now use PayJunction which works better for my 100% key typed credit card transactions. It has saved me hundreds of dollars, and the income deposits in my account the next day with no additional work on my part.”

Kaleigh Wiese – Garment Exchange

*** WorldPay For Volume, Stripe For Startups ***

“Hi John,

“My name is Ian Wright and I’m the founder of Merchant Machine, a payment comparison site.

“In my previous company we used WorldPay’s payment gateway service for two reasons. One, it integrated with our offline merchant account. Two they offered us extremely competitive fees because of the volume of transactions we did.

“However, that said if I were just staring out I would now seriously consider using Stripe since it is now arguably the easiest payment gateway to get started with, although it might not offer the lowest fees once you start doing larger volumes of payments.”

Ian Wright – Merchant Machine

*** Freshbooks – “Great Invoicing System” ***

“Hi John,

“We use Freshbooks, which we have been using for invoicing for several years. Originally, we were using Paypal Pro for payments (through Freshbooks) and had a custom deal in place with a good rate from PayPal. A year ago, Freshbooks decided to stop supporting Paypal Pro, but they offered to match our custom deal rate through their newly introduced payment processor and that’s why we switched to using Freshbooks exclusively.

“The reason we stick with Freshbooks is because they chose to match the custom deal we were getting from PayPal and also because they have a great invoicing system that we like. If they didn’t have that, then we would consider alternatives and make a decision based on rates and credibility.”

Rafael Romis – Weberous

Which Payment Gateway Do I Use?

When it comes to Payment Gateway recommendations, I usually suggest Stripe. It’s what I use. Here’s why:

  • It’s flexible
  • Has a ton of support and built-in compatibility with most ecommerce platforms and websites
  • Can securely take credit card payments from your own site – without customers have to leave the site
  • Can take payments with a simple pop-up
  • Supports many currencies and countries
  • Auto deposits funds into your account in about 2 or 3 days

Your Payment Gateway Recommendations

Do you use a Payment Gateway that hasn’t been mentioned here? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below!

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