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Registering a domain name is the first step in any online business. There are a lot of different domain registrars out there and all of them are different. This Domain Registrar Reviews page will help you choose the right one for you.

We asked successful online business owners which domain registrars they use… and why.


*** I use GoDaddy ***

Domain Registrar Reviews“I have over 50 domain names, and I use GoDaddy.”

John Skurka – DriWash Solutions


*** GoDaddy – A Great Place To Purchase And Manage Them All ***

“I use GoDaddy because they have always offered great support for domains and have great discounts and offers, however I do not/will not use any other GoDaddy services as they are sub par and have had more support issues with them.

“As someone who owns dozens and dozens of domains, GoDaddy has been a great place to purchase and manage them all.”

A. John Mikulec – E-Commerce Giant Holdings


*** I Use ***

“Hi John,

“I use While there’s nothing particularly special about them, they don’t try to incessantly upsell you like GoDaddy and others.”

Steve Silberberg – Fitpacking


*** GoDaddy Is Pricier But The Support Is Phenomenal ***

GoDaddy: I’ve tried them all and there are cheaper – but you get what you pay for. You haven’t lived until you had a CName issue during a peak buying season.

“GoDaddy is pricier but the support is phenomenal. Good customer support is like oxygen- you never notice it, until you don’t have it!”

Jim Jacobs – Focus Insite


*** My Votes Goes For GoDaddy ***

“Hi John

“I have over 50 clients that I handle domains for and I have used Godaddy, Google Domains, Namecheap and 1and1 – I was very excited to use Google domains but after a long battle over DNS, my vote goes for Godaddy. They used to be a walmart of hosting/domain but they have gotten much better in the past year or two.”

Saad Malik – Texas Digital Services


*** We Use Hostgator ***

“Hi John,

“We use Hostgator for our domain registrations and hosting. They offer a one stop shop and products that expand with your business and we find it easy to keep everything under one umbrella. They have an easy to use control panel and auto renew functionality so you don’t risk of losing your domain by forgetting a payment.

We started with a shared server and moved to a dedicated solution as we expanded. We find their phone and online support to be good, if not a little slow (sometimes long wait times). Price is good and you can snag deals by renewing around black Friday where we’ve seen offers for 70% off plans.”

Susie Isaac – Shop Maddie G


*** I Have Used For 5 Years ***

“Hi John,

“I have used as a domain squatter for 5 years now and have never had any problems. They make everything SUPER easy and have recently become more robust in their feature offerings (WordPress/Hosting, G-Suite).”

Steven Von Gerlachter


*** The Registrar I Use Most Is Hover ***

“I’m a founder of an online marketing company where I purchase domains quite regularly.

“The registrar I use the most is Hover because their interface tends be the nicest and easiest to use out of all the others that I have used.”

Frank Corso – My Local Webstop


*** I Moved Every Single Domain To Hover ***

“Hey there John,

“Just as I was starting a new side project, I heard of Hover on a podcast. I checked them out, and they blew me away with the UI and their ability to make traditionally complex tasks dead simple. I’ve used just about every registrar out there. I was so impressive, just this week I moved every single domain I own or manage to Hover using their Valet service, and let me tell you, I am one happy customer.

“If you’ve ever asked “Why does this have to be so difficult”, give them a shot.”

Charles Forster – Skunk Worx Lab


*** Tucows ***

“Hello John,

“I am a Tucows reseller and have been since 2005. Prior to that I registered all my domains through a Tucows reseller. The prices are always fair, and the management interface for individual domains (end users / customers) is straightforward without all the ads and sales pitches.

“I hate being bombarded with offer after offer just to complete a registration – and I’ve used GoDaddy & Network Solutions in the past just to see what the difference is.”

Teajai Kimsey – Crystal Structures Glazing


*** I Prefer Namecheap and Hover ***

“First of all, I do not recommend GoDaddy because if you get even one spam complaint they act as if you’re guilty until you prove to them you’re innocent. And it doesn’t matter how honest and ethical you are. Someone will forget they signed up for your newsletter. Plus, GoDaddy charges much more than other registrars after the first year.

“With that said, I prefer Namecheap and Hover, both for the same reasons:

1. They’re inexpensive.
2. They include WhoIsGuard for free.
3. SSL (which sites will need in 2017) is much more affordable.
4. They have great customer support.”

Ed Brancheau – Goozleology Digital Marketing


*** I Use GoDaddy, EzyAddress and Namecheap ***

“Hi John,

“I am a professional domain name investor with a portfolio of 1000+ domains. I use 3 registrars.

GoDaddy – because it is cheapest of the big registrars, and it makes domain transfers quicker and easier as it is so commonly used.

“EzyAddress – my own GoDaddy reseller brand where I get to set the prices. Often it will be cheapest renewals available anywhere.

NameCheap – for my most valuable domains. NameCheap are on the side of domain owners if there is ever a dispute with a big corporation, and they don’t charge you fees when someone makes a complaint. For a couple of dollars more it is worth it.”

Rob Skelton –


*** ***

“Hi John,

“I have my web site, URL and web hosting all with, they keep it simple and organized. They can renew it for a decade at a time so I do not have to think about it. They have been around for a long time and are very professional.

“I can spend my time on building my business and not thinking about these types of concerns. I know people have had issues with fly by night companies who offered cheap deals upfront and did not have good service or reliability. You have to have a web site to exist today so the stakes are high and not worth the risk to save a few bucks.

“My $0.02.”

Paige Arnof-Fenn – Mavens & Moguls


*** We Use GoDaddy ***

“Dear John,

“We use to register our domain.

“The reasons we use GoDaddy:

1. This is one of the largest domain registrar, so we can trust them
2. They have 24/7 support service
3. Their service is stable
4. They give administrative UI dashboard
5. Fast domain updates

“All in all we love GoDaddy, and we are very satisfied with their service.”

Bence Borbely – AnswerMiner


*** I use Namecheap To Register All My Domains ***

“Hello John,

“I use Namecheap to register all my domains.

“I used to use GoDaddy but I didn’t like their pushy sales techniques and upsells.

“I like to keep my hosting and domain providers separate. I’ve learned that when you register a domain with the hosting provider (like Bluehost) you can get the first year of domain registration for free, but you’ll later pay much more for the following years than at other providers, and they make changing the registrar a hassle.”

Cynthia Brown – Only Top Reviews


*** GoDaddy! ***

“Hello John, is not the world’s #1 domain registrar for nothing! We have all our travel blog websites registered with Godaddy and have never had any problems with them.

“Their website makes it easy to register, renew, redirect links, and check on our orders. We have also always had good experiences with their support staff.

“We use them for travel blogs: Independent Travel Cats and Finding the Universe.”

Jessica Norah – Independent Travel Cats


*** I Register My Domains With ***

“Hi John,

“I am founder and CEO of Company Folders, an innovative presentation folder printing company.

“I register my domains with because they offer competitive prices and excellent service. When I call them, they never take more than a few minutes to respond to my question and provide a solution.”

Vladimir Gendelman – Company Folders


Domain Registrar Reviews – Which One Do I Use?

I’ve done a lot of domain registrar reviews over the years, and I keep going back to Namecheap. I’ve used Namecheap to register my domains and have been more than happy with their prices and the service.

Namecheap doesn’t allow you to register domains. For those domains, I use Crazy Domains.

I’m not a big fan of GoDaddy as they can confuse you with all the upsells, and their user interface is also less intuitive.

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