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“Hi John,

I still cannot get my had around uploading files to my server, instead if I can I just upload to my WP Media which is nice and easy but easy didn’t get anyone anywhere.

For example uploading say videos which is a big file and I can upload using Filezilla to my server, firstly I make a new directory then upload the file to directory in my public_html no problem but can I get it to show on the internet the answer is a big NO.

it’s the address that I cant seem to get right.

Could you maybe point me in the right direction on this?

Kind Regards



Hi Ian,

Usually if you upload files to your WordPress site via the Media uploader, you can access those files if you know the place where WordPress have uploaded them. To know the exact location, you can go to ‘Media > Library‘ in your WordPress Dashboard and click on the item and then copy the ‘File URL‘ location.

Wordpress Media File Location

Also, if you know the location of where you’ve uploaded something into your ‘public_html’ folder you can also do the same thing, however…

It will depend on the file type.

You don’t want to link directly to a video file that you’ve uploaded to your web hosting account. Your web hosting account isn’t the best place to upload a video file for two reasons, one, it will use up a lot of your disk space to upload it, and two, it will chew up a lot of your bandwidth when visitors go to the link because their web browsers will try to stream it as they watch it from your web hosting account.

For video files it’s best to upload it to Youtube and then use the Youtube embed code to display the video on your site.

If you want the video to not be available to the public on Youtube, you can change the Privacy settings within Youtube to ‘Unlisted‘ (the default is Public). Unlisted means that no one will see the video on Youtube unless they already know the url.

If you don’t want the video on Youtube still, for whatever reason, another option is to open an Amazon Simple Storage System (aka Amazon S3) account and host your video file there. It’s free to store files on Amazon S3; you only pay as the files are downloaded/viewed.

If you want the video files to be available to dowload, then what you will want to do is first zip the video file, and then upload it to your web hosting account. Once a file is zipped, you can direct link to it and when your website visitors click on that link, they will be prompted to download the file.

Hope this helps!

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