Do You Have An Online Business Mentor?

Do you have a mentor for your online business?

When I first started out online I was making pretty good money but I didn’t realize that my business was going in the wrong direction.

Then, literally overnight, I went from making a lot of money online… to making almost nothing.


Because I didn’t have the correct business model in place. I was focusing on making sales rather than building a sustainable, growing business.

I was making money placing ads on Google, sending people directly to offers, using my affiliate link. What I should have been doing was working on building a list and creating my own products.

Once I had a mentor, I learned the importance of list building and having my own products, and began doing this. Knowing that I was following a proven path gave me peace of mind and the confidence to go ahead fully with my plans, and to not fear.

This meant that I didn’t hold back and was able to go ahead and achieve great results.

Many people don’t get ahead in their business because they have the inner fear of putting in a lot of effort and then failing. Having a mentor eliminates this hurdle.

When looking for a mentor, make sure you find someone that has already achieved the same results that you want to achieve. Never take advice from anyone that hasn’t actually been where you want to go. Would you ask your mechanic for legal advice, or go to your three-times divorced neighbor for marriage counselling? I hope not!

When it comes to business mentors, don’t look at whether they are a bigshot MBA or something similar. The only thing that matters is how much moolah do they have in their bank account!

Robert Kiyosaki - Take Advice From One Who Has Already Achieved Your Goal!Robert Kiyosaki had two fathers… his salary-earning, making-enough-to-get-by biological dad, and his financially successful, entrepreneurial rich dad. The reason Robert Kiyosaki is a multi-millionaire today is because when it came to financial decisions he followed the advice of his rich dad.

No matter how good someone’s intentions are, they can’t teach what they don’t know. Only take advice and seek to learn from those that have had success in their online business.

I have had a lot of mentors in my life. For my online business I watch closely what is done by Frank Kern and also Ryan Deiss.

Who is your mentor? If you have one, share it by leaving a comment below!

5 thoughts on “Do You Have An Online Business Mentor?”

  1. Hi John,

    Rich dad, poor dad is a great book, just had to say! 🙂

    Yes you are definitely right about a mentor. I first got into IM in 2006 and failed. Didn’t have a mentor, didn’t get very far, was like trying to play darts in the dark!

    Since, I’ve had three mentors from whom I have learned loads of great things from. Who is my current mentor? Well it’s your good self 🙂

    Having you as my mentor John has gotten me the furthest so far and in less time than I was originally expecting, so I for one think you’re a great mentor! (No John didn’t ask me to say this)

    As for other chaps I follow online but are not my mentors; I also pay attention to Frank Kern, Pat Flynn, John Chow and Corbin Barr.

    Thanks for all your help John. Here’s to a successful 2014!



  2. I appreciate that John!

    It’s great to have someone in your corner who has been there and achieved what you want to achieve, letting you know you are on the right path!

  3. Hello John,
    I am a big fan of your books on amazon. Over the past 2-3 months I have read and have given an honest 5 star review to all of them.
    Would it be possible to ask that you email me a schedule of fees regarding hiring you as a mentor? With me it would be a 100% newbie situation.
    Also do you believe a Chromebook would be sufficient for me to launch an online business such as the one you would mentor me with?
    Thank you so much for the books you have written, and thank you in advance for any reply you might send to me regarding my questions.

    Have a great day.

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