Kindle Publishing Workshop

A week ago I held my first ever Kindle Publishing Workshop. It was before a small group and was a huge success. Not only was the information valuable and relevant, the people their really enjoyed it.

Important points from the workshop:

1. Easy to do

Kindle Publishing can be done by anyone and everyone. There’s no age limit and you can do this full-time or part-time.

2. Personal or Business

Whether you want to publish your own novel, poems, etc or if you have a business that you want to get more exposure to online, then Kindle Publishing will work for you.

3. Growing trend

Ebook sales are fast out-performing sales of physical books. Already in the U.S., U.K. and other parts of the world, more ebooks are being sold on Amazon than their paper counterparts.

4. Kindle dominates

Amazon’s Kindle store is by far the most popular ebook store in the world.

5. Free to publish

You can publish just about anything you like on the Kindle store… and it won’t cost you one cent to do so! Traditionally, potential publishers have been put off because of the obstacle of having your book taken up by a publishing house or doing it on your own. With Kindle Publishing, that is no longer a problem.

Within just hours of submitting your ebook to Amazon, they will have it published for you and ready to sell.

6. Great commissions

Authors get a small percentage of the book sales from physical books because of the high overheads. With Kindle Publishing, you get 70% commissions on every sale.

7. Marketing

Make sure you have a dark, professional-looking ecover. Ask your family and friends to leave reviews (tell them to be honest). Do everything you can to entice your readers when writing up your book’s description.

Please leave below your comments about this workshop. Is there something you’d like to see added or improved on? Thanks!



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