JLDC 0001: John Lagoudakis dot Com Podcast – December 31st 2013

Here’s a recording of the latest Internet Marketing conference call I held with my List Marketing System members recently…

These conference calls are for members of my List Marketing System and we typically discuss ways we can drive traffic to our squeeze pages to build our list. The calls are open to questions on any Internet marketing topics at all.

The focus of this particular podcast revolves mainly around common Internet marketing questions such as, how can I improve my email open rates, how do I find good keywords to target for my blog content, is a keyword-rich domain name important for SEO, and much more.

Here’s a timeline of the topics discussed during the conference call:
John Lagoudakis dot Com Podcast0:00 – Welcome to the call
1:00 – Setting goals for 2014
3:05 – Crucial skill: touch typing
5:15 – List Marketing System site creation
6:15 – Youtube video keyword tagging strategies
8:00 – Facebook ads for paid list building traffic?
10:30 – Recommended free online touch typing course here
11:00 – Video marketing and SEO
15:15 – Keyword-rich domain names for SEO?
17:40 – Clickable links on Youtube videos (*highly recommended*)
20:30 – List Traffic System training
21:10 – Promoting affiliate offers on Youtube and your blog
24:00 – Finding keywords to target for blog content
28:05 – How can I improve email open rates?
32:00 – Differences between RSS and autoresponder lists

Have any comments on the items discussed in this call or want to suggest topics for future discussion? Leave your comments below.

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