How To Write Good Email Ad Copy?

Good Email Ad CopyEvery list builder needs to develop the skill of writing good email ad copy. I wasn’t born with it and had to learn it just like everyone else 🙂

It’s not good to just copy and paste your partner’s ad copy (swipe) into your autoresponder. Here’s some reasons why:

1. You lose the trust of your list (which affects sales)

It won’t sound like it’s coming from you. Your list will get to know how you communicate and they’ll know if you’ve written it or if you’ve just copied someone else’s words. If they think you’re doing that, they’ll be less likely to open up and read your emails.

2. They’re getting the same emails from someone else and will unsubscribe from your list

When doing a lot of adswaps, or if you’re promoting a big product launch, some of your list will inevitably come across the same offer that you’re sending out. If they see that you’re sending out the exact same email message that they just got the other day from a different list owner, what are they going to think?

They’re more likely going to unsubscribe from your list… “why get 2 emails from two different people with the same message? I’ll just unsubscribe from one of them!”

3. Many generic emails will get you banned

I see a lot of email swipes on Safe Swaps with subjects like “Paypal payment approved”, “Download for your purchase”, etc. Most reputable autoresponder services don’t like these deceptive email messages and will take action against you.

Don’t be surprised when you get an email from Aweber saying that your account is being closed down! Don’t believe me? Ask anyone that been around for a while and it’s happened.

Here’s my tips for writing a responsive email:


  • shorter the better
  • if it’s a free offer, use the word “FREE”, e.g. FREE Article Software!


  • break it down into 3 main sections:

1st section: Intro of what the product is and why they’ll want to get it now (then a link to it)

2nd section: Go into specific details about what the offer will do for them. Good to use a few bullet points. (then another link)

3rd section: Emphasise why they need to get it NOW. e.g. “Don’t know how long this free offer will be available for…” “Highly valuable content…”, etc. (then a final link)

That’s all there is to writing good email ad copy! It’s the technique I use every day and it works super well.

Hope this info helps 🙂


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