Email Marketing Click-Through Rates

Email Marketing Click Through RatesA good way to tell how effective your email marketing is, is to check your autoresponder statistics, especially the Click-Through Rates (aka CTR).

Recently, I got an email from a friend and he was excited about a huge increase in the click through rates he got from an email marketing campaign. He had sent out the same offer, one day after the other, and the second email got more than double the CTR of the first email (which is unusual).

How did this happen?

He had changed both the subject line of the second email, and also some elements of the email message itself.

Because he had changed two different things, he wasn’t sure which one had helped, or if they both had helped in achieving better results.

Here’s how I explained to him how you can tell whether your email subject line, or the email ad copy (swipe) has helped you to get better results…

To know whether you have a good subject line or not, you’d look at the ‘Open Rate’.

Then, depending on how many people actually open the email; see how many actually click on the link (CTR). If almost everyone that opens the email also clicks on the link, then the email swipe is good (use it again).

Here’s some examples for a fictional list size of 1,000 subscribers with an average open rate of 15% and CTR of 75% of opens…

Mailout A:

Opens: 100 (10% open rate – bad subject line)
Click-throughs: 88 (8.8% CTR) Note: 88% of opens clicked the link. This is GOOD ad copy. Just need to fix the subject line.

Mailout B:

Opens: 200 (20% open rate – great subject line)
Click-throughs: 120 (12% CTR) Note: 60% of opens clicks the link. This is a bad ad copy. Need to fix the email swipe).

What I’m trying to point out from these fictional examples is that you always look at the open rate first, to see if you’ve done a good job with the subject line (most important)…

And then, depending on how many people actually opened the email, look at how many clicks you got, to determine if your email swipe is good or not.

In the example above, Mailout B had a higher CTR than Mailout A, but mailout B’s email swipe (ad copy) was not as good as the swipe from Mailout A.

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