How to Set up an Email Marketing Campaign – Part 2: Finding a Free Offer

Now that you have selected the niche you will be building your email marketing campaign around, the next thing to do is find a free gift you can give away to entice people to opt in to your email list.

You want to make sure that, whatever the gift is, it is your very best content. Why? Because first impressions count and if you want your subscribers to continue opening your emails and buying from you, give them the best chance to trust and respect you.

Remember; giving them your very best content doesn’t mean giving them ALL your content.

Make sure your free offer fulfils a desperate need in your market. You want to convert as many visitors to your squeeze page into subscribers as possible.

Examples of free offers you can make are:

  1. Report
  2. Video Presentation
  3. Software
  4. CD or DVD
  5. Any combination of the above

Let’s go into a bit of detail into each of the above.


1. Report

You can easily create your own report using any word processor and then printing it out as a PDF document. There are several good free PDF printers (creators). I like to use doPDF.

You can create your own ecover using an image editor (Gimp is free and has all the functionality of Adobe Photoshop), or you can pay someone $5 at Fiverr to create one for you!

If you don’t want to create your own report, you can outsource it at Upwork.

Another option is to buy Private Label Rights to a report that you can rebrand as your own. A couple of sites where you can find Private Label Rights products are:


2. Video Presentation

Video presentations are a great way to build an instant relationship with your subscribers. They get to see and hear you and there’s no better way for them to come to trust you and for you to establish your authority in your niche.

There’s 2 ways to create a video presentation:

1. You in front of a camera

You can be sitting at your desk giving an important message, or in front of a whiteboard with some notes, a diagram, etc.

2. Screen capture video

I’ve made many short “how-to” videos that have been very successful over the years. You can show people how to do something on their computer or do a voice-over of a slideshow presentation.


3. Software

If there is a valuable software tool that you could give away that is related to your niche, you will find that your squeeze page opt in rate will be very high.

Software has a higher ‘perceived value’ than reports and videos.

Again, you can outsource the creation of the software at Upwork or possibly find a Private Label Rights program at the sites mentioned previously.


4. CD or DVD

Like software, giving away a CD or DVD will cause you to have a higher subscriber opt in rate because of the higher perceived value.

You could also ask for a small ‘posting and handling’ fee. Doing this will decrease the opt in rate but it will make it easier for you to upsell your opt ins because they are already buying something from you and have their credit card out and on the table.

Once you have decided on your free offer, it’s time to register a domain name and organise web hosting which we’ll go over in the next section.

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