How To Invite People To Like Your Facebook Page


Hi! John here from Web Agents making a video for you today about how to invite people to like your Facebook page. You can do this in 2 ways.

1. Invite Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

So right now we’re on a business Facebook page and to do what we can show you obviously you need to be an admin on the page or have sufficient rights on the page to do this. If go to your page, wherever it is located on Facebook and if you scroll down you’re going to see this section right here under ‘Community’ where it’s got a button here to invite friends.

Scroll down to the Community section, click on ‘Invite Friends’ button and then it’ll bring up all your friends. If you haven’t yet invited your friends you can go to this ‘Not Invited’ section and just go through and select specific people, you can also deselect them, or you can click on this ‘Select All’ and I would also recommend selecting this check box here also ‘Send each invitation on Messenger’.

how to invite people to like your facebook page


Now the reason why it’s not allowing me to ‘Send each invitation on Messenger’ is because I’ve selected 785 people so you can’t do that. You can only select this option if you’ve selected 50 or less.

inviting your friends to like your Facebook page


It is more effective if you send it through also sending invitation on Messenger because if you don’t, people might see your invitation when they log into Facebook or they’ll see it here in the notification section of Facebook but when you select the message option they also get a message in Messenger which is much more effective.

So I highly recommend this limitation of 50. Go ahead, select those people your friends that you want to invite, tick that checkbox, and then click on the ‘Send Invitations’ button.

So if you if you’re doing 50 at a time that’s fine you can just send the invites and then sent do it again with another 50.

2. Invite Those Who Have Engaged With Your Facebook Page To Like It

Alright so you’ve invited your friends – what other way can you invite people to like your Facebook page? There is another way.

What you do is you go to your posts that you’ve done on your page, and so when you scroll down and find a post the business has done. You can see 6 people have liked it so we can do, you can click on the number 6. Here we see we have two people that have liked this post but they are not following the page. They haven’t liked the page.

People engaging with Facebook post


We can click on the ‘Invite’ button to send them an invitation to ‘Like’ our Facebook page. By the way, these are great people to invite because obviously they know about you. They’ve recently seen one of your posts and have ‘Liked’ it. By sending them the invitation it’s very likely that they like you. What we doing there, by the way, we’re inviting them to like page.

inviting people who have engaged with your Facebook page


You can go through your posts and do that for everyone that has engaged with you. Obviously it’s good to do this the sooner the better. If you posted this today or yesterday and you’ve got lot of people who have engaged with it, invite them immediately. The more fresh on their minds, the more likely they are to ‘Like’ your page.

You can come back anytime. Let’s say I come back a week later and I noticed there’s even more people engaged when I click on here again and if there’s any one that has engaged with it that I haven’t yet invited, I can click on ‘Invite’ and also invite them to like the Page.

There are 2 great ways to invite people to like your Facebook page. It is a good idea to be proactive and get as many ‘Likes’ as you can on your Facebook page. Tat’s really going to help get more exposure for your business.

Thanks for watching this video! If you need help with your online marketing feel free to check out our website – – or give me a call. My number is on the website.

Thanks and bye for now.

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