Hanging Out With Webfire’s Brian Koz

Webfire Internet Marketing Conference with Brian KozTo be honest I wasn’t expecting a lot out of today’s Webfire Internet marketing conference with Brian Koz.

Well, that was until I got to meet Brian and listen to his Internet marketing strategies.

I was very impressed. Yep, this guy is switched on.

From the fancy conference marketing pitch I was expecting a bouncy man to flash us lots of Clickbank screenshots and get us fist-pumping in the air…

… hyping us up to be overnight millionaires.

Well, he did show us his impressive Clickbank accounts but we didn’t get any of the other ‘IM guru’ hyped up shenanigans.

He wasn’t over top but he wasn’t boring either.

You can tell he knew his stuff… and the best part was, he shared it all with us.

I’ve been around long enough to know when someone is holding info back from you, or trying to sell you a shady system.

I’m glad to say Brian didn’t do any of that. He gave out some real gold nuggets today.

Some of those included:

– What Google mainly looks for when ranking a website for a keyword phrase is not so much the off page SEO, but more the on-page SEO.

– How targeting a pluralized form of a keyword phrase can change your competition from hundreds or thousands, to merely a handful.

– How to use a highly-ranked Youtube video’s tags to have yours also appearing as a ‘Suggested Viewing’ video after that video has finished. These tags used to be publicly available but Youtube have removed them, however, they can be found if you know where to look.

– How to take a business that is making $15,000 per month online, and just by tweaking a few of your sales funnels properties, multiplying your income 16 times to $220,000 per month. And none of those tweaks involved getting any more traffic!

Brian Koz and John LagoudakisI was surprised that Brian didn’t push hard his flagship product, Webfire. Yes, he did reference it but this conference wasn’t a hard sell for Webfire…

… I was pleasantly surprised to find that the focus was on helping us in promoting our businesses online, and earning more from them.

Brian Koz, you have my respect.

And from what I’ve seen of Webfire, I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a simple all-in-one platform to generate multiple streams of quality traffic to their website…

… and make more money online.

Click here to find out more about Webfire.

If you use Webfire or have had a chance to see Brian Koz live, I’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave a comment below!


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