Do You Need Your Own Website To Have Success Online?

A good friend of mine got the email from hell.

One day he was on top of the world and making a ton of money with his online business…

And the next morning he wakes up and finds out he’s lost 80% of it.

I’ve been there. It sucked, to put it mildly.

Google sent me an email to tell me my Adwords accounts had been suspended. All of them. Just like that.

It was strictly a business decision. They didn’t care how much time I had put into building those campaigns, and how much income I was earning.

It was the same with my friend.

He’s an education broker. The college’s courses he was promoting terminated his broker contract.


Because an anonymous person emailed them making unsubstantiated claims.

It could have been a competitor (and I highly suspect it was). The email content was very personal.

Anyhow, how does this relate to you and me and our online business?

It relates extremely well.

Many times people try to get me to join this program or that program. They send me their affiliate link, and I can tell that they’re sending me straight to the offer.

They don’t have their own website, nor are they building their own list.

It makes me cringe.

Here they are, working hard to build an online business, but what they don’t realize is that they are really building someone else’s business, and not their own.

I tell my followers; build your OWN list. Even if you’re an affiliate.

Always send any traffic you generate to your own squeeze page. Get them on your list before you send them to any affiliate offer, or your chosen MLM program.


Because if that affiliate offer ceases, or that MLM company goes down (most of them do), then you’re back at square one again.

But if you have your own website and are building your own list, if something ever happens to that affiliate offer or that MLM company you’ve been promoting…

… you’re all good! You can simply email your list and say to them, “Hey, XYZ has gone down. Let’s find a better place to build our business.”

Then direct them to what you’re doing next. This is especially important if you’re in network marketing.

In anything you do with your business, make sure you take as much control of it as possible.

Let me give you another example. Recently I was looking around for a good tracking solution. You know, a script I could use to track which traffic source was sending visitors to my site, and which one was getting the most optins and sales.

I looked over and tried heaps of them. Some were too expensive and others just plain didn’t work or didn’t have important features I needed.

Finally I found one that was quite good, but there was a problem. I couldn’t host it on my own website. I had to use it on the provider’s domain.

This didn’t sit comfortably with me. What if that domain went down, or if they decided they didn’t want to offer that service anymore?

All that traffic coming through that sight would hit dead links. That’s a very vulnerable position to put yourself in.

So, I kept searching  and finally found a very affordable tracking solution that I could install on my own domain and that worked as I needed it to. Now I’m a happy man 🙂

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable in your business any more than you absolutely need to.

Have you had any horror stories you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Do You Need Your Own Website To Have Success Online?”

    1. Hi Dieter, thanks for the response.

      What you’ve just said reflects the attitude of most newbies online, i.e. “it’s too hard to set up my own site…” when really this is not true at all.

      All it takes is a little patience and working it one step at a time:

      1. Register a domain
      2. Sign up for web hosting
      3. Install WordPress
      4. Start adding content

      The first three steps can easily be done in three days; one task for each day. With the help of Youtube videos (like the ones on my channel) you can get them done in 30 minutes max.

      The 4th step is an ongoing process but with the help of plugins, everything you need to do can be accomplished very easily.

      The problem most people have is that they see the finished product and think “I couldn’t do that!” when really they easily can, if they take it one step at a time.

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