Free QR Code Generator Software

QR codes are becoming extremely popular. You have most probably seen them around already. A few years ago, I went to a business and self-development conference and saw QR codes everywhere. The headline next to them said to scan the QR code for instant prizes. When I scanned the code, using my smartphone, it took me to a landing page where I could enter my name and email to win a prize. Great lead generation strategy.

Recently, I was out camping with the family and came to a tourist information board that had two large QR codes on them. Instead of having to remember all the attractions, you could upload the info instantly to your smartphone by scanning the codes. Brilliant!

Here’s a QR code I recently generated:

Free QR Code Generator Software

QR codes have been around since 1997. The acronym QR stands for Quick Read. This new coding system was developed by the automotive industry as a better way to label parts, etc. QR codes were not only able to hold more information, they were quicker to read.

As the years passed, QR codes began to be used by other industries. Today, Internet marketers use QR codes as a quick way to drive visitors to their website (my QR code above does just that).

Creating QR codes is very easy. In fact, there’s a free QR code generation software that I use to create mine. Here’s the url:

Free QR Code Generation Software

Once you have created your QR code, you can place it anywhere you like. You can publish it on the web, print it on the back of your business cards, on banners, newspaper ads, etc. Use your imagination!


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