Facebook Remarketing – How Does It Work?

If used correctly, Facebook Remarketing can be a powerful tool to re-engage users of your website or app.

Here’s some insider tips to help get started with Facebook remarketing:

1. There Are Many Facebook Remarketing Options Available

Leveraging the Facebook tracking pixel is the most common way to begin remarketing on Facebook. It’s a powerful way to target your messaging if you know the exact pages people have visited on your website.

Whether they added something to the shopping cart but didn’t check out or if they spent an extended amount of time on a services page, you can re-engage them.

Some people are unaware that you’re able to create Facebook Remarketing audiences from a list of email addresses or phone numbers. Email newsletter sign-ups, event registrations or even sales on your website are important points to collect and leverage to re-engage users from your website on social media.

2. Don’t Forget to Update Your Lists

Most Facebook users do not remember or re-engage with websites or apps after 28 days, so make sure your lists are up-to-date with the most recent users.

Cutting out the users over 28 days of inactivity will allow you to focus your resources on users who are more likely to become regular users, as they have seen your content more recently.

If you’re actively remarketing, we recommend updating lists and creative weekly to keep messaging and targeting up-to-date and accurate.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Spending a Little Extra for Each Click

Remarketing is about re-engaging users who have already seen your content. You’ve earned their click once, so you can rest assured that they will be more likely to re-engage versus new, unfamiliar users.

The downside of this opportunity is acquisition costs may be larger as you are specifically targeting users. While you should be aware of how much you’re spending per click, don’t be afraid to spend a little more on these high-value users.


About the article author: Dan Kurns, is a digital marketing associate at Blue Compass, a digital and social media marketing and advertising company based in Des Moines, Iowa. Dan has over six years of social media marketing and advertising experience working closely with local, corporate and social video game companies to advertise to new and returning users.

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