JLDC 0108: Joshua Latimer – Automating Your Business

Want expert advice on automating your business?

Family, friends and colleagues thought Joshua Latimer was crazy when he gave up his career with J.P. Morgan and Chase to begin a cleaning business!

That cleaning business went on to regularly do $150,000 per month in revenue before he sold it to move to Costa Rica with his family.

In the last 2 years before he sold the business, it was so automated that Joshua only worked 5 hours per week, and was able to grow it 35% per year.

There’s a lot of great content in this interview…

Topics discussed during this podcast include;

  • How Joshua grew his business from a one-man operation, to a $150,000/month business
  • Knowing when to begin hiring staff
  • Changing your mindset and letting go of your business
  • And much more!

You can play this session of the podcast here:

Automating Your Business - Joshua Latimer

Websites referenced during the podcast:


Here’s a timeline of the topics discussed during the podcast:

0:00 – Joshua Latimer intro and bio
2:15 – Joshua’s upbringing, career and first business
6:30 – Why did you choose a cleaning business?
7:10 – How did your business develop?
8:50 – When you first started your cleaning business, did you hire staff immediately, or were you a lone ranger?
10:00 – When did you know it was time to start hiring staff?
11:45 – Joshua’s recommendations of books and resources that helped him shape his business success
15:10 – Issue most businesses have is ‘execution’
17:00 – Which should come first, hiring staff or developing your systems?
20:00 – What do you look for when hiring, skill or attitude?
22:00 – What resources do you have available to help business owners to automate their business?
26:20 – Joshua’s final thoughts about automating your business

Here’s what I got out of this interview on automating your business with Joshua Latimer…

1. All great businesses start small

Have an idea for a multi-million dollar business? It starts with you.

Start your business today and develop your client base, your systems, and then start hiring staff when you’re ready to scale it into the vision you have.

2. It’s not about you

Your business should never be about you. Create your business around the vision and systems processes.

The more you remove yourself and are constantly automating your business, the more the business can grow and you can have the money and the lifestyle you want.

3. Hire staff based on attitude and culture fit

You can teach your staff how to do the work, but you can’t change attitudes. Hire people that are a fit for your business culture.

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