JLDC 0131 – Interview with Dave Wakeman, Founder of Wakeman Consulting Group

Dave Wakeman, aka, “The Revenue Architect” is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of marketing, strategy and branding. He has worked with international giants like Marriott, American Express, and Madison Square Garden to improve their business offerings and ROI.

Dave founded the Wakeman Consulting Group; a boutique management consulting firm, that focuses on helping companies achieve better results in their investments of time and money.

Topics discussed during this podcast episode include;

  • Increasing sales without increasing traffic or creating new products
  • Identifying issues in your sales funnel
  • Most common marketing mistakes
  • And much more!

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dave wakeman consulting group

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Here’s a timeline of the topics discussed during the podcast:

0:00 – Short bio and intro
1:20 – Dave Wakeman’s growing up and influences
3:00 – How did you get into marketing?
6:15 – Two big marketing projects Dave worked on before starting Wakeman Consulting Group (American Express and Yellow Tail Wines)
9:15 – Marketing lessons Dave learned from working in nightclubs
14:15 – What are the marketing ‘low-hanging fruit’ that you look for when working with a new organisation?
17:00 – What are the biggest mistakes you see when businesses have issues with marketing and traffic?
18:30 – What are the common mistakes businesses make in their sales funnel?
20:15 – Case studies – Dave’s success stories
22:30 – Dave’s final thoughts

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