Car Signage Gone Bad!

I pull up to the petrol station (gas station for my U.S. friends) and the car in front of me has some business signage on the rear window.

Being a marketing guy, I also to take notice of what others are doing to promote their business.

I struggled a little to see the main title but eventually could read it. It read, ‘Beauty Therapist’.

Car Signage Done Wrong

“That’s not too bad” I thought to myself. Straight to the point.

Underneath the title was a url. And here’s the problem…

I couldn’t read it!

A combination of the font size being too small and the reflection of the light on the white text over the window made it unreadable.

Finally, I was able to see the url, but only after I walked closer to the vehicle.

Wow. What a shame! Going to all that trouble to put some advertising on your vehicle and not making the only contact information readable from a reasonable distance!

If the car immediately behind you can’t read it, what’s the point?

Yes, you’ll get passers by taking notice when the car is parked, but that’s about all.

There’s a lesson in this for all of us. Make sure your advertising is readable by the traffic it’s intended for.

I’d also recommend this person also added their phone number to their car signage.

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