JLDC 0137 – Buying and Selling an Online Business – David Barnett

Buying or selling an online business? In today’s episode, we speak with David Barnett, a highly certified international business broker consultant that has had decades of experience in the corporate world and also as a business owner.

David has also authored several books including the best-selling ‘How To Sell Your Own Business’.

Topics discussed during this podcast episode include;

  • What you should know before buying or selling a business
  • Why we typically start our own business rather than buying an existing one
  • What type of online business is the most sought after by buyers and investors?
  • And much more!

You can play this podcast episode here:

buying and selling an online business david barnett

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Websites referenced during the podcast:


Here’s a timeline of the topics discussed during the podcast:

0:00 – Short bio and intro
1:15 – David Barnett’s growing up years, influences and early career
4:00 – First exposure to business broking
8:00 – Did you get your entrepreneurial nature from your parents or siblings?
11:05 – Is buying and selling an online business different from a brick and mortar business?
17:55 – Advice for those looking to buy an online business
19:00 – What do you need to have in place so that you can be ready to sell your online business?
20:45 – What type of online businesses are popular right now for those looking to buy or invest in a business?
24:20 – The short lifespan of online business stability
25:30 – Facebook Page Likes or an email list?
26:50 – The different between financial and strategic business buyers
28:35 – David Barnett’s successful business broker consulting case studies
35:15 – Getting in touch with David Barnett
37:05 – Buying an online business is much better than starting one on your own
38:45 – David’s theory on why we start our own business rather than buy an existing one

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