Adapting Your Finance and Consultancy Business to COVID-19

If you’re the owner of a finance or consultancy business, you may have been hit really hard by the restrictions imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of you have been forced to close or are struggling with the question of adapting your finance and consultancy business to COVID-19.

We asked owners of finance and consultancy businesses all around the world what they are doing to adapt their business in a world suffering from the Coronavirus. This is what they had to say:

Financial Advisor

I am a Registered Financial Representative and IAR with U.S.A. Financial. It has been a very unique time with the pandemic going on, and I think this is a great topic. Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. Our firm started out by creating a way for each of our employees to successfully work from home with many of the same tools, office phone(even shows up on caller ID with the firm number), second screen, etc.

From there, we established a schedule for the week to keep everyone organized, accountable, and engaged. We ramped up some of the games and competitions we do throughout the week and increased the rewards as well.

As far as prospecting goes, we usually do everything face-to-face, so we had to change our approach from setting in-home appointments to phone appointments or video conferences. This meant putting together packets to mail to folks so there is something in front of them for a potential phone appointment, and e-mails to generate that would include all of the information if the prospective client has an e-mail address.

Most of the work being done through our business in this time is in the way of health and life insurance, and luckily most of the companies we contract through have responded very well to the pandemic, allowing more options for signatures and helping people sign up for new plans.

As far as reaching out to people, that has actually probably gone better than usual. Most people are at home, so contacts are up for our agents, and the inclusion provided with an agent calling you from their couch while they sit next to their dog is very powerful, and humanizes the whole experience more than that same phone call would’ve 3 months ago.

John Kohout, Hudson Wealth Management

hudson wealth management business adapting to coronavirus


Success Coach

  1. I had to stop, check in with my clients and see what their biggest needs are right now.
  2. I reflected on their feedback and put together solutions where I could.
  3. I offered free webinars with a donation option as well to share out relevant services based on their current needs.
  4. I am offering discounts and initially free services but still offering services for the value they offer. I don’t believe that free is the answer.
  5. I am sharing, connecting, and relating through stories that are pertinent to fear, anxiety, and change. This draws people in. Brings their guard down. Allows them to go deeper with you.

Holly Jackson, Success Coach

Online Estate Planning

At Gentreo we do online estate planning. From wills to health care proxies and the Gentreo Family Vault to save and share all, Gentreo helps users create state-specific documents so all can prepare, plan and protect themselves and their loved ones. In the past we worked a great deal with B2B relationships. Given the enormous downturn in the economy due to COVID-19, we now market directly to consumers.

Consumers need these products and in the past usually needed encouragement to do estate planning, but COVID-19 and all of the sad stories of losing loved ones inspired many more to do estate planning. We also lowered our pricing by 80% for this critical time in history so as to help essential workers who are putting themselves at risk to help so many.

Renee Fry, Gentreo

gentreo online estate planning business adapting to covid-19



Before coronavirus, our customer care was driven by what customers wanted and that has been adjusted to focus on what customers need. Many of our clients are in significant financial difficulty and our customer service is now based on empathy and care, reaching out to see how we can help. Where we can provide relief, those customers are the priority and we are ensuring they have quick access to us to go through queries and have our support.

For many clients, they are relying on financial aid from the government and they need to be up to date with their taxes – if they are behind, we are able to help them catch up quickly and so access the stimulus checks and other financial support.

Alistair Bambridge, Bambridge Accountants

Real Estate Agent

I am a top producing real estate agent in downtown Chicago. Here are some of the ways I have changed my marketing in response to COVID-19:

  1. Videos and virtual interactions with clients. As social distancing guidelines force people to stay home, virtual presentations and videos are a great tool to reach clients that you can no longer meet in person. It allows you to present ideas and showcase products, in my case homes, in a socially responsible and effective way.
  2. Email promotions and offers. We are all stuck in our homes during this time, but still have access to internet and email. Through email data tracking systems, I have seen the open rate and click rate on my email campaigns increase since this situation started. People have more time on their hands and are paying attention to emails they may not have before.
  3. Just like my clients, I too have more time on my hands than normal. It’s important to use this extra time to accomplish to-do list items that have been put off due to a hectic schedule. Instead of shutting down, tackle your marketing projects and emerge as a stronger company/business when this is over and business gets back to normal.

Ryan Hardy, Luxury Real Estate Broker


If you’ve got a finance or consultancy business, we’d love to hear about what you’re doing to adapt to Coronavirus. Leave a comment below!

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