Why Would I Want To Help You?

A few days ago, I shared a video with everyone about how I got started making a full-time income from home, back in 2007, and how anyone could do the same using similar method in 2012.

In response to that video, I got a great question from a subscriber today…


If this is such a great idea and your making a lot of money Why would you share it with anyone?


I’m sure a lot of you might be wondering the same thing.

Well, let’s get one obvious reason out of the way…

I earn money anytime anyone that I refer buys Brian Bagnall‘s Facebook Ad Formula course 🙂

I’m sure most of you knew that, but for those of you that don’t, that’s what we call affiliate marketing.

But that’s not the only reason I shared this valuable information.

You see, I believe in abundance. I truly believe that there’s enough out there for everyone.

Yes, a particular strategy may get saturated with competition. Does that concern me?


Why? Because there will always be something else to take it’s place!

Let me give you an example.

Back in 2007, every man and his dog was making a lot of money with Google Adwords and Adsense. That’s all Internet marketers ever talked about. Now nobody talks about it at all!

Today it’s all about social networking and local business marketing.

Here’s another thing I believe…

‘You get what you give out… and more!’

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about…

Everyone has heard of the Dead Sea, right? The reason it is called the Dead Sea is because it is so salty that nothing can live in it.

Do you know why it’s like that? Water comes into the Dead Sea but nothing ever leaves it!

If you live your life like that; always taking and never giving out, then you become like the Dead Sea. But if you live a life of giving, you become alive and also have the capacity to receive MORE.

This is why I’m not afraid to share with anyone exactly how I make a full-time income online, and other great opportunities out there.

It’s also a reason I’m not scared of competition. There truly is enough out there for everyone.

Go and grab your share and help others too. In fact, by seeking to help others, you really are helping yourself. As Zig Ziglar put it:

“You can everything in life that you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

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