Which Webinar Software is the Most Popular?

Which webinar software is the most popular? We asked business owners all over the world, in all different industries, which webinar software they used, and why. Below are their responses.

The 11  most popular webinar softwares, in order of popularity and Alexa ranking, are:

  1. Zoom
  2. Crowdcast
  3. GoToWebinar
  4. Jitsi Meet
  5. WebinarJam
  6. Google Meet
  7. BigMarker
  8. Demio
  9. UberConference
  10. Zoho
  11. LiveWebinar


As a publicist and educator in the music industry, I love Zoom for all my webinars. It’s simple to use, easy for our clients and students to get on, and I love that you can easily password protect your webinars, record and share them without having to bring in any third-party apps, and that there’s a built-in chat feature. Zoom makes for a great experience both on the webinar, and once we turn it into evergreen content.

Angela Mastrogiacomo

zoom - most popular webinar software



We love zoom.us, a video conference platform for webinars. Plans range from 100 to 10,000 view-only attendees. Zoom stores complete recordings of webinars in the cloud that can then be sent automatically by email. It also supports all operating systems and technologies such Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Linux and H.323 / SIP. Another great feature is to be able to integrate to Google Calendar and add the webinars links to invites automatically that are created directly in the calendar!

Erico Franco, Agencia de Marketing Digital


Choosing the right webinar software can seem daunting, so here are a few rules to help. You will need one that is easy to share and record; look for ones that delivery higher quality video as an added bonus. The webinar software we are currently using is BigMarker. It is known for its number one platform webinars and, with its live streaming capabilities, you have the option to engage with over 9000 people at once. Another fantastic addition is that there isn’t a limitation on presenters per webinar, allowing people to hop in when they like. Finally, it deals with over hundred currencies. What more could you ask for?’

Bridgette Norris, EcoSecretariat


I use Livewebinar.com as my cloud based solution for webinars, team meetings and for video conferences with clients, colleagues and for educational purposes too. I teach adults on how to create WordPress websites and how to earn money blogging.

We chose this software because of a few very important core features:

  • Neither the attendee nor the presenter or host needs to install any software apart from a browser to participate in a webinar with this service.
  • Livewebinar.com is based in Poland / Europe and therefore it complies with the toughest privacy policy laws on earth well known as GDPR. Their servers are based in Europe too and data export to other none Europe countries does not happen.

Keno Hellmann, SelbstsaendigKite.de

Jitsi Meet

ThinQ.tv is in the Video Chat industry. We embed Jitsi Meet in our site. We like Jitsi because it is open source, we can create multiple simultaneous chat rooms, and we can embed it in each user’s own ThinQ.tv page.

Karen Miller, ThinQ.tv


Crowdcast is hands down my top pick. Compared to everything else out there, it’s simple and takes zero time to set up. It’s also just designed beautifully & clutter-free.

A few things I love about the platform:

  • It’s dead-simple. There’s just one link for registration, pre-event, live event, and replay. No need to set up separate LeadPages, figure out the replay on your own, etc. For event creation, it’s super easy and for attendees, there’s none of the normal confusion of a million links.
  • No downloads/installs = people actually show up. It’s all in the browser, so more people discover the event and more people show up.
  • It’s built to let you have a real, authentic conversation. There’s chat, polling, Q&A all built-in, and everything just is designed to help you teach, build trust, and grow your relationship with your audience.
  • It looks simple & clean. Crowdcast is the best-designed platform I’ve seen so far. You don’t have to deal with a clunky website so it’s seamless to get started, and the audience also doesn’t have to deal with a cluttered web 1.0 looking video event page.

That and the other integrations, emailing, analytics, auto-recording, and embedding are bonuses. It’s just really got it all.

Kenny Trinh, Netbooknews

Google Meet

SoftwarePundit is a technology research firm that provides advice to help SMBs successfully adopt software. For most of our webinars and video calls we use Google Meet. It’s a simpler tool, so it won’t work for webinars to large audiences, or those that require complex features. However, it is free to use, and easy for attendees to join.

Google Meet includes chatting functionality as well as closed captioning. Attendees can join using their computer or phones. In addition, a link to the webinar is automatically included in all calendar invites. We use other software, such as Slido, to increase the interactivity of our webinars.

If you need advanced features, such as custom branding, event registration, and automated event follow up emails, then Google Meet will not work for you. However, if you do smaller or more casual webinars, and want to save $100-200 per month, then it is a viable option worth considering.

Bruce Hogan, SoftwarePundit

google meet - popular webinar software



I am using Zoom as my primary webinar software. Reason for using Zoom is nothing is more stable than zoom.

Due to data leak news of zoom, few people did not love to cam over there. People are emailing me like, Shehraj zoom is not a safe app. Please do not use it.

That’s why, Temporary I’m taking to do shift on GoToWebinar. This changes until everything starts off.

At the end, I love zoom. Their features are really up to insane. We can Scale it up to any level, We want. Even you can do a webinar for 5000 participant. In some software there are limitation of 1000 to 2000 attendees.

Shehraj Singh, Blogging Fire


With advancements in technology and the change of society due to the current situation with coronavirus, it is extremely important to have personal privacy and security measures under control when using online applications to prevent any cyberattacks from occurring. Since most people are required to stay at home now and cannot perform traditional conferences, meetings or exchange private information, relying on webinar software and applications has become a very common thing and has allowed for people, businesses to continue their work from remote locations.

The problem in doing this is the compromise of privacy and security which could result in some type of breach if the correct measures are not put in place before. Zoho is a software that we have used for a long time, even prior to this incident, and have had great outcomes with their service. We feel totally secure/ private and are able to hold conference calls exactly how we like to thanks to the support of Zoho.

Ludovic Rembert, Privacy Canada


I am Norhanie Pangulima, a content ambassador at Hernorm. At Hernorm, I work on creating SEO-optimized content about dating, relationships, digital marketing, social media and more.

Webinars have suddenly become a popular marketing and education tool as it shifts the physical conferences, classes, and training into a more accessible online platform. And because of its unique features, 99% of legal professionals actually attest to its effectiveness as a marketing tool in order to boost your business.

I’ve tried a couple of webinar software for the past few years, but after discovering Zoom, I eventually stuck with it. Zoom has so many perks that I really enjoy, besides the fact that it’s free and has a mobile phone application. Here are the top 4 reasons why I really love using it when conducting webinars:

  1. User-friendly. I do love a very user-friendly platform, and that’s what Zoom provides. It’s so easy that even newbies can easily access and navigate their way on it. Furthermore, it is accessible and can be shared with your desktop or phone.
  2. Screen sharing feature. This feature was really useful especially when I want to share links, show visuals, or some sort of presentation during a webinar. It provides a separate panel for screen sharing, allowing people to still see you speaking while they look at your visual aids.
  3. Allows private and public communication. This is one perk that I really appreciate about Zoom, as it allows your audience to make comments, raise questions, or simply communicate with each other on a chat platform without disturbing the ongoing webinar.
  4. Creates a backup copy of your meeting. Since Zoom has only a 100 audience limitation, having a backup every after a session is quite helpful. It allows me to share my webinar video recording for other people who missed the session.

Norhanie Pangulima, Hernorm


I use Crowdcast because it has all the features you really want in a webinar software, which many other options like Zoom or YouTube Live lack.

I especially love the Green Room in Crowdcast. When you enter the Green Room you can start/test your screensharing, see yourself on the screen to check your background looks good/adjust your camera positioning to hide anything you want to behind you, make sure your lighting looks right, and test your microphone. The Crowdcast Green Room makes going live a little less jarring.

Crowdcast also has the ability to let webinar attendees join the event before you go live, meaning you can engage with your community in the chat, or have them complete a set of survey questions to get an idea of who it is that’s joining you. I use the survey function to help me tailor my webinar content to the ability or experience level of the attendees in the room.

Paige Brunton, Squarespace Expert

crowdcast - very popular webinar software



Webinars are powerful tools in digital marketing and overall business operation, which is why we use them widely in our company. We have used quite a handful of webinar softwares, but we particularly love Demio. Our favorite feature is the branded registration page.

As an agency that focuses on digital marketing, branding is of utmost importance to us. We help people grow their brand, so it is critical for us to set a great example of doing great for our very own brand. This is what we love about Demio. Functionality-wise, it delivers. HD videos, live chat features and the ability to create polls are just a few of the details we take advantage of in Demio. At the end of the day, though, we believe that a webinar is only as good as its facilitator, given that 32% of attendees said they felt the most engaged when the webinar host was passionate and energetic.

Scot J Chrisman, The Media House


Webinar Software that I use for my team is ZOOM.

Zoom is one of the finest meeting tools to keep going with discussions and interactions, even while working remotely. It’s one of my favourite tools when it comes to client meetings and other team meetings. It’s easy feature to share screen and record meetings is a great trend to make presentations and the same can be referred back for the data shared. Like when I explain any new project or strategy to my team, I often record it so that the team can refer back to it for better application. It thereby diminishes the scope of miscommunication or confusions.

Other than this, security features provided by Zoom that includes locking the meeting, screen sharing by host only, guest entry by permission makes it more trustworthy for a business use.

Shiv Gupta, Incrementors Web Solutions


Creating and marketing a great webinar is tough but choosing a webinar hosting platform shouldn’t be. Hence we use GoToWebinar as our video conferencing and webinar hosting tool.

Why we use the ‘GoToWebinar’ tool? GTW is the most well-known webinar hosting platform out there and for good reason. Especially now, when we are trying to adapt to the remote lifestyle. It helps us stay on top of our game in the industry without leaving the comfort of our homes.


  1. User-friendly – It’s simple to set up GTW, especially the registration system- which works seamlessly. If you have any questions, their tutorials come in handy. It’s super responsive customer support makes it the go-to option for first-timers as well as experienced webinar producers.
  2. Email functionality – GTW can send email invitations to attendees right from the application. Or, you can send email invites through your regular email program. This flexibility enhances the marketing process and makes it easy to connect with potential guests.
  3. Real-time screen sharing – GTW now lets you share your screen in real-time, which makes it simple to present a PowerPoint, screen capture, or live video stream.
  4. Annotation feature – You can highlight important words, phrases, or images within your presentation with GTW’s super-handy annotation tool.
  5. – It has fantastic reporting features. You can easily identify your audience and structure your marketing plans accordingly.

But GTW is not without its weaknesses. It’s an outdated interface for both the back of the house and the end-user experience. You also cannot ignore its heavy pricing, which sucks for small businesses.

I work for SurveySensum and we belong to a *SaaS (Software as a platform)* industry and GTW is our go-to tool majorly because its intuitive, reliable, and scalable. It helps us reach our audience through webinars, without a

Supriya Agnihotri, Digital Marketer

gotowebinar - popular webinar software



Katherine has been working via webinars for a few years already. But now with the current situation of social distancing, her entire work has been moved online, and digital software making it possible is an essential tool.

At first, she was experimenting with multiple online tools and platforms for webinars and online meetings. Some of them were complex on the user side, some were too complicated for our clients… Since she transitioned to Zoom, she’s been very satisfied and she is recommending it ever since.

I’ve asked her to give a quick comment on that: Zoom Calls are very simple, even for a non-technical person. Since I am not so interested in all the technical aspects, I like the ease it gives me. I love how easy and quick it is to set up a webinar or a meeting for any time in the future, to record locally or on the cloud, to share screens, and manage a chat room.

Switching to Zoom has contributed to my work greatly and I am using it for nearly all of my online work – be it individual coaching sessions, webinars, group classes… For me, the most important aspect is the simplicity and ease it brings to my business.

Katherine Bihlmeier


Webinarjam has been a great anchor for our content marketing efforts by allowing us to record and distribute automated webinars to potential leads for three years now.

The ability to load pre-recorded content and control how it’s distributed, on either an on-demand or monitored basis, helps us attract new viewers every day. Moreover, the detailed analytics provided on the back end provides a snapshot into user engagement, demographics, and peak usage.

All of that information is then used to tweak other related feeder campaigns via social media and email. If you want to deploy webinars with little to no headache, Webinarjam is the tool for you.

Shaan Patel, Prep Expert


In real estate, our team is always on the move. To make sure our daily huddles happen every morning at 11:00 am, we use UberConference. UberConference allows user to physically call into the conference and be a participant. So if one of our team members is on the other side of the state, driving to his next appointment he can simply call the number and he will be allowed to join in the huddle. This makes it easy on everyone and the quality of UberConference is great. If you have any follow up questions, feel free to email me at

Eduardo Martinez, Rose Rock Realty

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