What Should You Do First As An Affiliate?

Here’s a great question I got asked recently;

“I have looked through your multiple program and look very interesting, however, I am a little confused. I’m pretty structured individual and I usually need to have a certain order in which to do things.

I would ask from you in what order would I follow these programs you have laid out for other to use? i.e. Should I start with writing articles, should I use all those promo tools? I don’t have a specific website yet.

Do I have to create a website in order to use all those promo tools? If so, what kind of website are we talking about?

It looks like I should be creating a Internet Business website somewhat like what you have and then use all the Promo Tools on the site (Articles, Signature Ads, Emails, Text Links, etc.) Please advise as I would like to get something started soon but not sure what order to do it in.

It looks like if i create a website and and use all those promo tools on my site, that might be the fastest way to get started?

Please advise.

Thank you,

John Tsapos”


In answer to John’s questions, yes, it is better to have your own website/blog to promote affiliate offers (and especially your own list) but when you’re first starting out with affiliate marketing this can be quite overwhelming.

What I’d recommend is to work on getting your first squeeze page and/or blog up and running but while you’re doing that start promoting via other methods that can get you results from right away.

Some of those methods include:

Article Marketing

Sign up for a free publisher account at EzineArticles, Buzzle and other high page rank article submission sites. Begin submitting articles with your affiliate links in the bio section.

Social Networking

You can begin promoting affiliate products to your Twitter followers and Facebook friends. You can even setup multiple Facebook pages for free and promote to specific niches.

Video Marketing

Youtube videos can get insane amounts of views (in the tens or even hundreds of millions!). Create short, funny or controversial videos and upload them to Youtube. Put your affiliate link in the video’s description for lots of free, targeted traffic.


Join the most popular forums in the niche that you’re targeting and put your affiliate link in your forum signature. Add value to the forum by posting helpful suggestions or by responding to other’s questions.

While you’re doing the above promotions, work on setting up your own squeeze page and/or blog. Over time you’ll be able to use the methods discussed above to drive traffic to your own sites. You can then promote affiliate offers on your blog or by emailing your list.

If you’ve found the information in this article helpful or have any suggestions, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “What Should You Do First As An Affiliate?”

  1. I would probably recommend the same thing. Just start building your list and after someone signs up, take them to a “confirm” page where you have 3 banners with some affiliate offers.

    Also, put some banners on your “thank you” page where you deliver your free gift.

    Then, all what you need to do is drive traffic. I would suggest you to pick just one strategy in the beginning. Why? Because if you try to do too many things you won’t get done anything at all. It will look too complicated. That happened to me in the beginning and that’s why I was struggling for four months.

    Just pick a strategy that you like and put it on steroids. If you like writing – write articles and submit these to different blogs online (as guest posts). Works better than submitting articles to article directories. However, if you like SEO stuff, you may optimize these articles as well and usually these blogs have a very high page rank, so you will be ranked almost instantly without any link building.

    Also, remember that nothing will work as well as you expect. Never. I tryed many different strategies. I tryed video marketing, traditional article marketing, SEO, affiliates and many other strange and overlooked tehniques and none of these worked at the beginning.

    Here is my example:

    I was writing articles and submitting these to various article directories sites. I was doing forum marketing. Blog commenting. I was getting 5-10 opt-ins per day. I heard someone “I am getting 100 subscribers per day from Youtube”. I thought Wow, that’s cool, let me create 50 videos and put them on Youtube and see what happens! I was creating huge plans. I was thinking about putting it on steroids (just like many times before, lol 🙂 )I thought this is it – I am going to drop everything else and do only video marketing.

    Okay, about 3 days later I created these 50 videos (it was a hard work!!!). These videos are about 1.5-2 months old and I got 158 visitors from Youtube. I generated 36 new subscribers. OMG, that’s only 23% conversion rate, instead of typical 44%!

    I was thinking how stupidly I spent my weekend. I could write 10 new high quality artilces and publish them on various blogs and get 10-30 subscribers from every article within 3 days, what means I could generate about 200 subscribers in about 3 days instead of generating 36 new subscribers in a period of 2 months!

    How stupid was that? So my suggestion is, as soon as you find something that is working for you, just do more of it and drop everything else.

    By the way, if you like creating videos, then don’t think that putting videos on Youtube doesn’t work. It just takes some time as it took me to find some blogs where I could publish my articles, where I shouldn’t publish them.

    If you choose my way (writing articles as a guest writer) you will find out that about 3-4 blogs will send you just 1-5 visitors. But you will also find out that one blog will send you 100 visitors. So you drop these other blogs and continue blogging on these which send you traffic. You build momentum.

    If you create 5 videos and put these on youtube and you do that for 365 days – you will produce 1825 videos. I have no doubt about if you do this and ignore everything else that you will become a master of getting traffic from Youtube. You will become better than 99.9% of the people who try to get traffic from Youtube. In other words, you will become a master of it.

    So, just pick one strategy and put it on steroids!


    It seems that this comment is longer than the blog post, lol 🙂

    Now I am doing some SEO stuff (I know that this is stupid, but I just can’t resist of doing something new… Anybody knows how to overcome this?) and I create review sites. I’ve created a couple of these and one failed.

    1. Great comments Matt. Many thanks for sharing your experiences.

      I totally agree that you should stick to whatever is working best for you and continue doing it until you master it. That is a great strategy and the hallmark of any person that achieves success.

  2. I agree with you that treating your affiliates with respect and giving them what they deserve is important. Nothing comes free these days. Its very important to have flexibility in your approach. There is no harm in challenging and changing policies that are an obstacle to growth in any way.

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