What is the Number One Reason Affiliate Marketers Quit?

What is the Reason Most Affiliate Marketers Quit?“John–Your videos are my favorite on youtube, and believe me, I’ve viewed many as I searched for internet marketing information. I have many questions for you. However, today I’ll just ask one: what’s the number one reason affiliate marketers quit, IYO?

Thanks Jason :)”

Hi Jason, great question!

To answer this question properly, we need to understand the mindset behind those that begin an affiliate marketing business.

Most people get involved with affiliate marketing because there is little to no risk in capital. This is a great blessing, because it means that pretty much ANYONE can get started with affiliate marketing.

But at the same time it is a curse.
Why? Because when something is given to you with no or little effort on your part, you don’t appreciate it as much.

Let me give you an example… if you were to spend $70,000 in purchasing a Subway franchise and fitting out a store, in the expectation of earning $100,000 per year, would you put a lot of effort into your business? Wouldn’t you be there almost every day and make sure you gave it your best shot?

Yes, you might struggle at the beginning while you’re learning the ropes but you wouldn’t give up on it, would you? Not at all. You would continue to work on your business for months, and years.

What most people don’t realize about affiliate marketing is that it is also a real business, and as such it needs to be treated like a business, and not a hobby.

An affiliate marketing business that you run from home can easily earn you $100,000 per year but, just like any other business, you have to work hard on getting it up and running.

And here is the number one reason most people quit affiliate marketing; they are not willing to put in what is required to make it a success. Because they didn’t invest much into their business (maybe only their time and a few hundred dollars), they give up way too easily and too quickly.

What most people don’t realize is that they need to invest time and effort into their business. Most people quit because they try one or two strategies and when things don’t work out immediately they give up.

If they persisted, and realized that all good things take time to learn and come to fruition, then less people would quit and have success.

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, or be successful at anything in life, you need to realize that success comes at a price. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to pay the price to be successful?”

My opinion is that either way, you will pay a price. You either pay the price for success, or you pay the price for inaction.

Can anyone be successful as an affiliate marketer? My strong belief is a firm YES! I’ve seen so many success stories of people that have started with no skills at all and worked there way to build up an extremely profitable business.

My advice is to begin with the end in mind and don’t concern yourself in the beginning with getting big results. Aim for just your first sale. Find a mentor; someone that has achieved what you want to achieve and learn from them. This is the formula for success.

How are you going with affiliate marketing business? I’d love to hear your story… leave a comment below!

9 thoughts on “What is the Number One Reason Affiliate Marketers Quit?”

  1. Such a great article John, thank you. I agree with you 100%, we have to be willing to put in the work and pay the price for success.

  2. Such a great way of looking at it. I have not until this point looked at it quite how you have explained it (likening it to spending on a franchise). Thank you for sharing another great article and I shall approach it with a new perspective.

  3. Your findings are real. One should invest a lot to get some return. Affiliate marketing needs no money investment, but it requires investment such as time and effort. To get a result, one should keep a positive mind and work harder to get the result. Thanks for the advice.

  4. Hi John, great article! Yes this is so true, and I think it is very similar for people who join and fail at network marketing businesses also. Most people seem to adopt the ‘have a go’ or ‘in for a punt’ attitude but fail to realize that it takes time and consistent effort to start to see the results. Thanks to your guidance I have started to see some great results in my online business and am consistently working on the goals I set myself each month 🙂 All the best John

  5. Hi John, I think your post is spot on and most people give up because they are not willing to put in the effort to make it work when the going gets tough. As with any endeavour it takes consistent action to get results. I have started too see results in my own business but it was only through hard work and staying with one idea and taking action daily that I have started to see results. I also had to make the decision that I wanted to “pay the price”.

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