What Domain Name Should I Register For My Squeeze Page?

Recently I was asked by a subscriber the following question:

“G’day John,

What are your thoughts in regards to [squeeze page] domains?

I’m looking at the information marketing page and I can get betterinformationmarketing.com or information-marketing-guide.com.

I have read a lot of conflicting information in regards to domains with hyphens and words before the main keyword I want to rank for. Do you have any views one way or the other?


[name withheld]”


This is a good question regarding domains.


When deciding on the domain name for your squeeze page, you don’t have to register something that is keyword-rich nor worry about other SEO factors. This is because your list building site is designed more for capturing email leads than trying to optimize to rank high for the search engines.

In fact, search engines DON’T like to rank squeeze pages at all. They only like to rank sites that provide content, e.g. authority sites, blogs, etc.

This is why you want to have your blog on a separate domain, and also attract visitors to your squeeze page via viral video sharing sites (like Youtube) and through article marketing, social media sites (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), etc.

Domain Name Length

When considering a domain name for your list building site, it’s good to keep it as short as possible. This makes it easy for people to remember. Something catchy is also great. It’s also good to keep it relevant to your offer.

If you find that all the good, short domain names are taken up… don’t despair! There’s PLENTY of good ones out there if you think smart.

Not long ago, I needed to register a domain for a free CD I was giving away about list building. The obvious domain names of listbuilding.com and listtraining.com, etc were already taken. Here’s what I did next…

I went to thesaurus.com and looked for synomyms of the words training and trainer. From that quick research, I came across the term ‘mentor’. Listmentor.com was available to register. It was a perfect name for my site and a short name too so I registered it straight away!

Another great option is just to use your own name, e.g. johnlagoudakis.com . I’d only recommend this if your name is easy to remember and spell 🙂

Hypens and .com’s

.com domains are the most trusted, so it’s good to stick with a .com domain for the best conversion rates.

If you really wanted to register a specific domain name, and it was already taken as a .com, then my next recommendation would be .net.

When it comes to hyphens, I try to avoid them. I don’t think I have any domains with a hyphen in them.


Out of the two domains you’ve mentioned above, I would go with betterinformationmarketing.com, though it is quite a long name.

Hope this helps 🙂


4 thoughts on “What Domain Name Should I Register For My Squeeze Page?”

  1. It is an interesting point John; I think a lot of new marketers become very caught up in the problems of domain names. I think the best advice, is to keep it relevant; easy to spell; easy to remember and without plurals – because people like me always forget the additional ‘s’.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Abdul Rehman Mayet

    Great advice John.

    I agree that a .com is the most trusted and obvious.
    A .net would be next best.
    .org used to be reserved for organisations but not anymore so that’s maybe the last one you could get.

    However, always look at variations.
    Think of adding ‘offer’, ‘JV’, ‘training’ ‘free’ etc as a prefix or suffix and you will probably have a good chance of getting the .com.

    Another thing to have in mind if you are going for an audience for a particular country, is that Google gives prominence to sites that are local. For example, if your intended audience is UK based you’ll find that a .co.uk domain will probably (all things being equal) rank higher than a .com domain.

    Agree with John that your squeeze page is there just to capture leads, it isn’t to rank high in Google. As it is a squeeze page you probably won’t have much content (if any) on there anyway.



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