Traffic Is King

If you can master traffic generation, then the rest of the stuff is easy.

No traffic, no profits!

Even if you have the best sales funnel in the world, if you have no traffic, it’s no good to you. You’re not going to make any money.

On the flipside; if you are getting tons of traffic to your site but are not making much money…

You can easily turn it around into a highly profitable site by simply modifying your sales funnel.

That is why traffic is king.

The biggest mistake I see most newbies make is that they spend weeks and even months, and sometimes a lot of money, building their ideal site.

They make sure they have fancy headers and graphics…

A snazzy promo video…

Lots of content and banners…

A shopping cart and plenty of products to sell…

Affiliate links and cross promotion agreements…

And then when they go live nothing happens.


Because nobody knows about their website! And it’s not surprising. There are literally tens of millions of websites out there.

You may have heard about what is happening in China. The government is spending a LOT of money creating a lot of infrastructure…

Including shopping malls like this one below.

Chinese Shopping Mall - No Traffic

You could open a nice shop in one of these malls but there’s one big problem:

There’s no traffic!

No one goes to these malls. They are totally empty. No retailer is silly enough to spend the money to fit out a shop there because there are no customers.

The crazy thing is I see so many people do what the Chinese government has done.

They spend a lot of time and money building big, fancy websites but they don’t have any traffic!

It’s much better to start off small and with a lot of traffic (like a street stall) and then build up your business as it grows naturally.

Chinese Street Stall - Lots of Traffic

My recommendation is to work on getting yourself in front of your target audience…

WHILE you’re building your business.

Start building a following using social media like YouTube and Facebook and once you know you have a profitable sales funnel in place you can really ramp things up by buying traffic on ad networks like Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Or even using traditional methods like magazines and newspapers.

Remember, even if you have the best-looking website in the world and have the best offer without traffic to it, it doesn’t mean a thing.

What do you do to drive traffic to your website that works well? Leave a comment below.

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