Should You Use Your Affiliate Link?

Here’s a question I don’t get asked often, but a really good one:

“Hi John,

I hope your well.

I have been interacting a lot with other marketers via blog comments recently and have established a few great connections.

One guy I have been chatting with is called Silviu Constantinescu from He’s a cool guy, seems fairly knowledgeable and very helpful.

I told him you are my mentor and he had heard of you and said he heard all good things. He then asked me if I can send him the link to your main site (blog) and also your membership program as he’d like to learn more about you.

I have been communicating with him through the comments on one of his posts. He didn’t specify how to send him the info and so far we just been communicating in this way.

My question is, do I send him the link to your blog and also your squeeze page via the comments on his post like the other messages or should I send him a private message? Also, do I send him my affiliate link? Obviously he will recognize it as an affiliate link as he is a marketer himself. I don’t want him to think I’m trying to make money out of him. What is the correct way to do this?

Many Thanks John,

[name withheld]”


Hi, great questions as usual 🙂

Because he has asked you to send him more information about me and my program, then there’s nothing unethical about using your affiliate link at all. In fact, in many cases it’s expected!

If I know someone is involved in a program and they have told me about it and they truly believe it is a good offer, then I typically will ask them to give me their affiliate link, so that when I sign up, they can get the credit.

And it’s good to be totally upfront. Give him the link to my program and say, “Hey, here’s my affiliate link to John’s program… “. That way you can both feel good about it and no one is hiding anything 🙂


What would you do in this situation? Leave your comment below!

1 thought on “Should You Use Your Affiliate Link?”

  1. I agree with you, send the affiliate link. Every chance you get to earn needs to be taken. Not like it’s going to cost any one any extra money.

    On a side note, you could make it nicer by using a cloaking program, or something like pretty link for wordpress. I usually already have them set up anyways. Just a thought. So it doesn’t look so affiliatish 🙂

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