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Need help with SEO keyword research?

There’s a lot of great tools out there, so we asked successful business owners which tools or strategies they used. Here’s the top 3 responses…

SEO Keyword Research*** SEO Keyword Research with SEMrush ***

“Hi John,

“I use SEMrush for SEO keyword research. Type in a high volume keyword, and then go to related keywords. This will often times bring up a whole list of search results. From there I can take a look at search volume, keyword difficulty, competition, CPC, and then decide which opportunities I want to pursue or not.

“Another fantastic resource to use is Longtail Pro. It’s great for finding new keywords you may not have thought about.

“To get more in depth and geotarget certain locations, the Google Adwords keyword tool is really incredible. You can do quite a bit with it, and it gives very accurate information.

“Lastly, I like to use Scrapebox‘s very simple to use keyword discovery feature and then putting those into SEMrush to rinse and repeat. Very fast to do, and no black hat methods necessary.”

Chase Geissler – Lead Metrics

*** Pagzii’s Keyword Analyzer Tool ***

“Finding the perfect keyword is a balancing act – you’d like to optimize for the most popular keyword, but also put your efforts into keywords that are actually attainable for your site. We use a two prong approach. First, we find keyword sets that are either branded (e.g. someone is searching for your solution by name), industry related (e.g. someone is searching a technology that is used in your solution) or long-tail (e.g. highly granular search that results in trickle, but qualified traffic).

“Once we group our keywords into these 3 buckets, we then try to gauge the SEO effort required to rank on the first page for each keyword. That’s why we’ve developed our own SEO keyword research software; Keyword Analyzer Tool  to help our SEO efforts.

“The tool analyzes top sites returned for a specific keyword to evaluate their optimization level, domain authority, along with other attributes. With this tool, we’ve been able to pinpoint niche keywords that have low competition and first-page ranking potential. Our efforts result in highly qualified traffic coming in organically to our site.”

Zaki Usman – Pagezii SEO

*** CanIRank – SEO Keyword Research Tool ***

“Hi John,

“At our company, we use our own software for SEO keyword research. CanIRank is an SEO intelligence tool designed to help consultants and agencies find high value, low competitive keywords to target.

“It’s one part keyword research, one part competitive analysis, and one part artificial intelligence. In addition to the monthly search volume and cost per click costs, CanIRank provides you with a detailed analysis of your competitors – showing you their strengths, weaknesses, and what exactly you need to do to rank for a given keyword. If a keyword is too challenging, it will generate a list of related keywords that are easier to rank for.

“The software collects data from 4,000 data points from 11 different sources for every single keywords it analyzes.”

Henry Butler – CanIRank

Which Keyword Research Tool Do I Use?

Personally, I use Market Samurai. This is an excellent piece of software that integrates with Google Keyword Planner and Majestic SEO to give me great SEO keywords (i.e. high volume/low competition) within literally seconds.

You can download Market Samurai for free here.

Do you use a different SEO keyword research tool or strategy? We’d love to hear about it… leave a comment below!

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