JLDC 0124: Interview with Rene Brent – Hypnotherapist

Rene Brent is a warm, compassionate and skilled Certified Clinical Transpersonal and Interpersonal Hypnotherapist.

As a registered nurse for over 25 years, Rene has seen and been inspired by the powerful mind-body connection and how it helps heal emotionally and physically.

In addition to her work as a hypnotherapist, Rene is a life coach and utilizes a variety of techniques like NLP, EMT and EFT (or tapping). She’s always training in new ways to help you get results and reach your goals.

Rene is a registered member of the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists and the American Council of Hypnotherapists. She is passionate about teaching her audience practical tips on how to use the power of the subconscious mind to stop internal battles.

Topics discussed during this podcast episode include;

  • Common false beliefs we hold within us, and how we get them
  • How our life filters define our success or lack of success
  • How does hypnotherapy work? Is it manipulative?
  • And much more!

You can play this podcast episode here:

rene brent hypnotherapist

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Websites referenced during the podcast:

Rene’s book – How Big Is Your But?

Here’s a timeline of the topics discussed during the podcast:

0:00 – Short bio and intro
2:10 – Rene Brent’s upbringing and influences growing up
4:30 – Common false beliefs and how we get them
7:00 – How does someone identify false beliefs and deal with life filters?
9:00 – Why do a lot of business owners come to see you, and what is it they mostly struggle with?
11:15 – How does hypnotherapy help?
15:00 – Clarifying what hypnotherapy is and how it works
19:15 – If there are things not going right in your life or your business, etc, usually it comes back to you
22:00 – Common issues Rene deals with with clients
25:30 – The best way to get in contact with Rene Brent Hypnotherapist
27:40 – Rene’s final thoughts

Some of the gems I got out of this interview with Rene Brent is that our subconscious is our boss. When we react strongly to situations, it is because of beliefs and values that we have, instilled in us from a very young age, that we may or may not realise we have.

Sometimes these are positive beliefs. Other times they are negative, destructive beliefs.

The next time you react strongly to something, take a note of what it was that you reacted to.

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