Ready To Do Email Adswaps?

Hey John,

I finally reached 300 subscribers and am ready to do ad swaps 🙂

I have already scheduled and set up a few swaps on safe-swaps but a couple of the partners I’m swapping with have like 400 and 600 subscribers whereas i only have 300… I just have a few questions about the whole process:

How do i know whether i will match their clicks, do i just send their swipe to my whole list and just hope for the best, how many clicks should i roughly expect from my list of 300 subscribers?

And do my ad swap partners expect me to send out their swipe to my list until i match the amount of clicks they sent me or will they not expect many clicks judging by the size of my list?

Also one more thing i my ad swap proposal has been rejected a few times by other safe swap users.. is this anything to worry about or is it expected since i haven’t done any swaps before and i have such a small list?

Sorry for all the questions but i just want to do it right so i don’t get a bad rating or anything.

Thanks in advance



Hi Dan,

First of all, a big congratulations on getting to 300 subscribers!

In regards to your adswap questions, I’d recommend that you get on the Stage 2 conference call, or if you can’t, listen to the replays. We go through a lot of questions about adswaps, as this is what the Stage 2 calls are mainly focused on.

I would recommend that you always send to your whole list. You won’t know how many clicks you’ll get until you do it a few times, and then you will know with a good degree of accuracy.

The amount of clicks each list owner sends will vary, even if they have the same list number. It will depend on the way you write your emails and how often you send out broadcasts to them.

I don’t like to copy and paste the swipe that is given to me by my adswap partners… I prefer to rewrite it in my own words.

I also send out a different adswap offer every day so that I build my list with new subscribers every day and also so my list gets into the rhythm of what they can expect from me.

This helps to keep my list more responsive and get more clicks and more subscribers.

Once you know how many clicks you can comfortably send (with a maximum of three mailouts for the same offer – don’t email your list more than that or you will annoy them), seek adswap partners that also send that many clicks on average. When setting up a swap with them, explain how many clicks you can comfortably send, and that you will continue to mail out until you match their clicks.

This will help you to get your proposals accepted. Safe Swaps users are always weary of new members.

Also, feel free to use my name as a reference. This will help you to get your adswap proposal accepted.

Only seek to do adswaps with people with a solid reputation and with good offers.

Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂


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